The Weird Sisters (review)

I have to admit that the title of this book– The Weird Sisters– made me giggle.  I have a sister… and we have been known to be weird!  Of course, the book’s title was making a Shakespearean reference, not talking about how my sis and I like to order the item with the funniest-sounding name off the menu (“Moons Over My Hammy”, anyone?).  Anyway…


This novel follows the journey of three sisters, all of whom have found their way back home after having been on their own for some time.  (They range in age from 27 to 33.)  Not surprisingly, they have vastly different personalities and histories and struggle to find common ground.  The sister-relationship IS a complicated one and the fact that there are three separate sister pairings makes it even more challenging and complex.


I absolutely enjoyed delving into the sister relationships in this book and I was also interested in the Shakespeare quotes and references– I wouldn’t have made a very good Brit Lit major if I didn’t enjoy those!


The author, Eleanor Brown, appears to put a lot of stock in birth order as she crafts these characters.  I must confess that I have always found birth order fascinating, though I don’t necessarily feel comfortable “blaming” it for traits and circumstances.  The oldest daughter of The Weird Sisters is organized, controlling, stable, and, well, a touch boring.  The youngest is flighty and bohemian and loved for her child-like joy and compassion.  The middle child?  She’s the rule-breaking rebel who seems to always make bad choices.  Oddly enough, she was the most likable of the three, to me, and the one for whom I constantly found myself rooting.  (But here’s where I also must point out that my own sister, the middle child, bears little to no ressemblance to Bianca in the novel.  Like I said– birth order does not dictate who you become. ;))


What do you think?  Whether you’ve read The Weird Sisters or not, do you believe birth order affects personality and the paths we choose?


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