The Lost Mitten

A couple of weeks ago, I lost a mitten.  Now, that might not seem like such a huge deal.  But… this mitten?  Was hand-knit.  And it wasn’t just hand-knit by some stranger, it was hand-knit by my aunt.  And she didn’t just hand-knit it, she made it, specifically, to fit my hands.


You see, ever since I was a young teenager, it’s been a nightmare for me to find mittens or gloves that fit.  My hands are extraordinarily long (I can span an octave plus four notes on the piano) and, thus, would require a HUGE size to accomodate that length.  But they’re also very slim.  You may have gathered that when I told you my anniversary band had to be taken down to a 4 1/2.  So… if I buy things to fit the length, they’re so very baggy that, at best, they’re loose and drafty and, at worst, they fall right off.  On the other hand (har dee har har), if I choose a size to fit the narrow width, they won’t even reach the base of my palm, let alone my wrist.


It’s annoying.


So, a couple years ago, my sweet aunt asked that I trace my hand and mail it to her.  She made mittens specifically to fit my wonky, uncommon hands.  I love them.


The other day, I wore the only one I still had and shoved my other hand in my pocket as I waited for the bus.  The driver noticed (of course) and her face brightened.  “I have the other one!” she declared.  “I found it and couldn’t figure out whose it could possibly be!”


My custom mittens are back.  And my hands are warm.  Something so simple brightens every single winter morning of my life.  And that’s a finer thing.

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2 comments to The Lost Mitten

  • Denise

    I am so glad you got your mitten back! I am a knitter of mittens and I love that you cherish the mittens so much. When I was in college, my soon to be husband’s grandfather had a stroke and couldn’t get his one hand into gloves or mittens anymore as his hand was paralzed. So I knit one mitten with a thumb, for his good hand, and one mitten thumbless for his other. He wore them for the next five or six years while he was with us. Isn’t it amazing when we can have something so personal.

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