It May Have Been Too Long Since You…

It May Have Been Too Long Since You Did These 10 Things... (1)


(Well, lookie there!  I’m sportin’ a skirt!  And looking like a cheerleader, according to my husband… ;))


Been married for awhile?  Chasing kids around, managing work, and juggling household tasks keeping you hopping?  If so, it may have been too long since you did one of these ten things…


  1. styled your hair.  Like, a for-REAL style, not the quickie ponytail or twisty bun some of us are prone to.
  2. wore a skirt for anything other than church.  Skirts make most us of FEEL different and that can be a fun change!
  3. tidied up your nails.  Whether you like to polish them like me or just keep them short and clean, taking care of your hands does show.
  4. shaved your legs.  It is winter, after all, and it’s far easier to get away with slacking in this department.  If you like to keep it au natural?  More power to you.  Otherwise, you’ll feel better (and more appealing) if you smooth those suckers out.
  5. accessorized beyond your wedding band.  Jewelry, scarves, headbands…. these items aren’t strictly “necessary” and can be forgotten on a busy day.  A well-chosen accessory can go a long way toward making you feel polished, however, and is worth the extra minute!
  6. studied something new.  Sound crazy?  Maybe, but any time you get your brain moving and forming new connections, you create energy and excitement.  Do you fully understand your husband’s favorite sport?  If not, ask questions!  Learn.  Talk.  Bond.  Always wondered about Renaissance architecture?  Go get a book!  Learn.  Expand your knowledge.
  7. wore a new color.  Last summer, I leaped way outside of my (blue and green) comfort zone and brought a bright sunny yellow top.  That shirt makes me smile every time I wear it and I receive oodles of compliments on it!
  8. learned a new word.  In parenting little ones, we tend to simplify our words.  Our working vocabularies shrink rather than grow and, well, that’s a bit of a travesty, in my opinion.  Next time you see an unfamiliar word?  Look it up.  But, more than that, endeavor to USE it until it becomes part of your vocabulary.
  9. flirted.  I’ve said it a zillion times.  The fact that you are married or engaged or otherwise off-the-market should never mean you stop flirting.  If anything, it should give you license to be sillier and more outrageous.  Have fun!
  10. tooted your own horn.  Bragging?  Is utterly unattractive.  Being confident and willing to share the gifts with which you’ve been blessed?  Is very appealing.  Lose the self-deprecating attitude and let your light shine!


I’m super guilty of 1, 6, and 10, currently, but these are all areas that can be a challenge!  How about you?  Do you see yourself in any of those?  What has it been “too long” since you did?


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