Taking Your Marriage from Fine to Fabulous


Perhaps you’ve noticed lately– I am pretty passionate about marriage.  I believe in forever and I want all those years in between to be as amazing as possible.  Has my marriage been all sunshine and roses?  No, of course not.  I’d be a little suspicious if I’d spent over ten years married to a man and never had a bit of conflict!  But our marriage is a good one.


Over the years, I have seen a lot of articles, books, posts, and what-not on how to “fix” a “broken” marriage– advice for couples who have “fallen out of love” or are on the very brink of separation or divorce.  I’m glad those resources are there.  However.  So many couples I know are not in that position.  Their marriages are solid.  They’re intact.  They’re committed.  They’re… fine.  And, while I suppose that’s okay, fine is not all that appealing an end goal.


So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing a few posts with you on Taking Your Marriage from Fine to Fabulous.  These posts are written for all of you couples who desire to take your good marriage and make it great.  To go from “getting along” to delighting in one another.  Sound good?  I’m excited!  I’m even more excited to let you know that I’ve enlisted some wonderful partners in this venture– a few more talented bloggers who also believe passionately in the value of an awesome marriage.  I’ll be sharing links to their posts with you later on.


In case you’ve missed it, here are few of my recent posts that will give you an inkling for what I’m going to be addressing in this series:

10 Things I’m Doing to Make My Marriage Sing

10 Things HE’S Doing to Make Our Marriage Sing

Sex Begets Sex


Look for my first post in the Taking Your Marriage from Fine to Fabulous series tomorrow.  Wondering what it might be about?  I’ll be talking about what to do when you find yourself in a rut.  Look for it!


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