Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}–Giveaway

My party planning generally goes something like this:


  1. Start thinking of “theme” ideas in early November for my December and January babies.
  2. Scramble to organize holidays/gatherings/breaks/vacations/etc.
  3. Send invitations out– plenty early– and promptly start having heart palpitations as I realize there’s no backing out now and I really don’t know what the heck I’m doing.



It’s not the greatest plan.  I always SURVIVE the parties but, really, that’s all I do.  I do not enjoy them and I always collapse with a sigh of relief when they are over.


Right now?  It’s football time.  Oh, yes.  And that?  Means SuperBowl parties.  (Go Packers!  Oh wait… was that premature?  Sorry.  I digress…)  For our family, there will most certainly be a football party going on.  One complete with a small slew of first graders here to celebrate our son’s birthday.  Oy vey.  I can get myself in a tizzy just thinking about it.


Blessedly, I count the lovely Mary Carver among my friends and she, unlike yours truly, has a system down PAT for getting those parties off without a hitch.  The title of her ebook,Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind} just speaks to me.

With chapters covering everything from budget to guest list to decorations and beyond, Mary’s got you covered.  She even points out things I would totally forget otherwise (like, for example, paying careful attention to any tension between invited guests.)  Oh… and planning sheets!  Planning sheets make my heart flutter.  I like, no, I need to write things down if they’re going to get done.


Mary’s book arrived at just the perfect time for me.  I am actually hopeful I’m going to make it through this next party without feeling the need to collapse on my tile floor when it’s through!


How about you?  Do you have a SuperBowl (or other) party in the works?  Would you like to feel like you had a better grip on the planning and execution?  Well, happy day!  One lucky Parenting Miracles reader will win a copy of Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}.


To enter:


Leave a comment telling me your biggest challenge when it comes to planning a party.


**Feel free to earn up to 3 bonus entries by sharing about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.  Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry.**


Got a party you’d like to get started planning before then?  I’ve got super news for you, too!


Until January 22, get 50% off Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind} with the code SUPERFABPARTY.


Yay!  Now get started planning a super duper party. :)

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11 comments to Plan a Fabulous Party {without losing your mind}–Giveaway

  • mlearley

    I have two challenges. My first daughter’s birthday is the weekend after Thanksgiving and we have family out of state, so the poor girls birthday always gets combined with the holiday. Eventually she’s going to hate it. My second challenge is that my two children’s birthday are only 5 weeks apart and then there’s Christmas 3 weeks after the second birthday, so it gets expensive.

  • The food. I’m no expert yet I always want my food to taste good and have great presentation. It’s enough to make planning very stressful!

  • Sherri

    My biggest challenge is the food. I tend to have food that takes up too much time, especially right at the end. It leaves me running around the kitchen in a frenzy to get everything plated & on the table/bar in time.

  • Nicole

    My biggest challenge when planning a party is budget because so many of ours fall back to back…November: my birthday and Thanksgiving, December: Christmas, January: my son’s birthday and February: Valentine’s Day and my daughter’s birthday! My heart palpitates until March! Whew!

  • shermarie

    With two birthdays – boy and girll – in November and my youngest’s birthday in December, I dread those months. I want the children to be properly celebrated but I don’t want to impose on our extended family. They are busy too. I don’t try to include friends since we have six cousins. That’s enough kids for me. We’ve tried having parties at home – exhausting/stressful – and we’ve tried having them elsewhere – impersonal/expensive. The 12/14 birthday is far enough away from Christmas to be separated but so close to all the office Christmas parties so it’s just another thing to do for the family. I would love to have help!

  • We are having our first “friend party” in February when Reese turns 5. I can’t believe he’s already 5!!!

  • oops I forgot to include my challenge…well this is my first time ever to have a friend party. I think my challenge will be cost management. Do we HAVE to do goodie bags?

  • My biggest challenge is second-guessing myself. I’ll plan a menu and then change it and then change it again. I’ve been learning just to pick something and run with it!

  • Mialee

    Like others, my challenge is date. My twins are Dec 9, hubs Dec 26, and my son Dec 28. With Christmas, I don’t want their special day to be overshadowed.

  • Jennifer

    I have too many ideas. Would love to have help in not overdoing the theme.

  • Lynsey

    I always forget the little details. And usually wait until the last minute for everything because I can’t form a plan!