Menu Plan: 1/29 – Snacks and Apps!


It was another busy birthday week.  Our oldest turned seven (!) and that meant a couple of parties– one for friends, one for family.  I’m looking forward to a calm, normal, “celebration-less” week with NO snow in the forecast at last check.  Woo hoo!


Here’s what’s hittin’ the table around here:



Breakfast- Cereal, Yogurt, Juice

Lunch-Cinnamon Roll Bread, Scr. Eggs w/ Cheese, Fruit

Dinner-Snacks and Appetizers with the family to celebrate A’s birthday (Chips w/ homemade salsa & homemade guacamole, Black Bean Quesadillas, Mini Pizza Bites, Carrots & Pretzels w/ Ranch Dip, Mixed Nuts, Mini Pigs in Blankets, and probably more that I’m forgetting. :))


B-Maple Raisin Oatmeal, Milk
L-Pizza, Apple Slices, Pretzels, Water
D-Hot & Sour Peanut Noodles w/ Carrots & Chicken
B-Apple Coffee Cake, Pineapple, Milk
L-HB Egg, Cereal, Apple Slices, Cheese, Water
D-Marsala Noodles, Green Beans


B-Apple Coffee Cake, Clementines, Juice
L-PB&J, Pineapples, Yogurt covered Raisins (rare splurge), Water
D-Salmon, Rice, & Broccoli (for the kiddos– Daddy & I do late night date nights on Wednesdays!)


B-PB Raisin Toast, Milk
L-Buttered Macaroni & Carrots, String Cheese, Water
D-Herbed Tomato Parmesan Soup, Italian Cheese Bread


B-Smoothies, Toast
L-Cheesy Beans & Rice, Raisins, Cereal, Water
D-Chicken, Mushroom, & Garlic Pizza


B-Scrambled Eggs & Cheddar on Buns, Fruit
L-Grilled Cheese, Tater Tots (random bag in freezer ;)), Apples
D-Homemade Queso Mac ‘n Cheese, Corn
I’m blowing through all the other random stuff in my freezer and pantry before starting to use some of that freezer stash I made a week or so ago.  I honestly LOVE seeing empty shelves and freezer bins occasionally.  Do you ever feel that way?


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3 comments to Menu Plan: 1/29 – Snacks and Apps!

  • Shirnell

    My boys love yogurt covered raisins. Thankfully, I had some coupons and got a couple bags for a decent price. Also, I just told my husband that I’m not buying any more snack food because we have so much. It makes me a bit uncomfortable to have loads and loads of food in my pantry/fridge.

    • I have a love/hate relationship with abundant food, Shirnell! I love having options and feeling like I can go without shopping… but I also feel pressured to use it all well and in a timely fashion. :)

  • You have a great menu planned! Enjoy your week.

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