Making New Friends

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I’ve been blogging for about 3 1/2 years now. And I’ve had the pure pleasure of making some really great friends and discovering some truly excellent/fun/inspiring/amusing writers.


This year, in 2012, I want to meet some new ones!


So, in lieu of me rambling about something today, I’m simply going to ask that, especially if you don’t see me regularly visiting/commenting on your site, you leave me a comment here. Give me a link to a post that will show me who YOU are, whether that’s your “about” page or something you wrote that shows your convictions and style.


I’m pretty well caught up for the day (and my husband works late!), so I’m looking forward to finding some great reads and adding some fun blogs to my reader.


If I already DO show up at your site all the time? Perhaps you’d be kind enough to leave me a link to another site you love. If I enjoy your writing so much, odds are good I’ll appreciate your taste.


Don’t be shy!  I can’t wait to read some good stuff.

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