Lice-Resistant Hair

Ugh.  It happens every year.  I am perhaps most envious of homeschoolers when I get the dreaded email notice:


There has been lice detected in your child’s classroom.


I immediately begin to itch.  I get the creepy-crawlies.  I have the sudden desire to scrub all the heads in this house, including the cat’s, though I KNOW that having lice is in no way a reflection of cleanliness or lack there-of.  Still.  I can hardly bear it.


Fortunately, we’ve so far dodged that bullet in this household and, for that, I’m very grateful.  In an effort to do my part in keeping it that way, I make sure to remind my children of some “best practices.” (e.g. Don’t share hats!)  I also make sure that all long hair is gathered up tightly and neatly.


My current favorite anti-lice ‘do?


To accomplish this look:


  1. Make a high, tight ponytail.
  2. Leaving about 20% of the ponytail (the part at the bottom of it) behind, form a tight, 3-strand braid with the rest (the 80%) and secure with an elastic.
  3. Next, braid the remaining hair into a skinnier braid and secure.
  4. Wrap small braid around the base of the fatter braid and secure with either bobby pins or a hairband.


Tight braids and buns are some of the best defenses against lice since these styles offer less ways for the little buggers to find their way onto another victim’s head.  Long, flowing locks– while lovely– are just not going to be happening until I’m confident the lice has left the building…


(Oh, and sorry about making you itchy.  I know how it is.)


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10 comments to Lice-Resistant Hair

  • Becki

    We have had them once- from daycare. My 2 year old son had his hair buzzes down to 1/4 inch, since that is the length they attach the nits. But I couldnt do that to my 3 year old daughter. They didnt find any on her, but I found nits :( so it was a looooooong weekend! I was pregnant so we didnt want to do any commercial killer. Found a recipe using vinegar and blue listerine so we tried it. My poor long haired (her hair was frequently in braids) girlie had blue tinger hair for a few weeks, but it was worth it. Very tedious going strand by strand several times, and after I thought I got them all I kept checking her daily for a few weeks. And then there was all the laundry…….ugh.

    I read that they dont like coconut, so my kids have used coconut shampoo ever since! That all was 3 years ago and luckily has been our only experience. I can understand why they recur often because it was very time consuming.

    • Oh, goodness, I can’t imagine all the work involved in that… and while pregnant, too! :( So glad you were able to get it under control, though. That’s interesting info about the coconut! I wonder if there’s some miracle coconut oil treatment out there… that stuff seems to be good for just about anything. ;)

  • Colleen

    Dodged that bullet recently! Tie that hair back, and spray it down! Itchy just thinking about it.

  • Becki

    I am not sure what it is about the coconut, but it makes me feel better…

    Oh, and it is MUCH easier looking through WET hair using one of those combs with the long pick off the end. Hair stays so you arent looking through the same spot and missing others and the pick helps getting small sections easier. NEVER want to do that again!

  • Having four children in daycare or going to school lice is something we worry about. After a scare in my oldest daughters class last fall we decided to take the safe route and starting using a natural lice repel shampoo. It smells great and keeps the bugs at bay!

  • mlearley

    I remember getting lice two times in elementary school due to sharing a brush with a friend. That treatment stuff burned and I screamed while my mom took that thin comb through my hair….I had really long hair back then. With two daughters we are bound to have an outbreak in our house, so dreading that day. Maybe I’ll start the coconut shampoo now!!

  • Abbylivismom

    We’ve had lice over and over. We’ve bought so many OTC kits. We’ve followed all steps only to get it back again. My daughter now refuses to let me even touch her head. I no longer have a working washing machine nor do I have a car so mow doing laundry everyday isn’t feasible. I don’t know what else to try. I don’t have money to buy anything to try, and have it not work. Anyone have a remedy to try using something I may have in the cabinet??? Also I have no one to check my head, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get this clear. any advice? I’m so stressed.

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