Jolly Ranchers, Apple Pucker, & My Hair (review & giveaway)

I choose not to complain about my hair too much. It’s long, thick, naturally wavy, and does splendidly even when only washed a couple times a week. It’ll hold a curl or straighten easily. When I ask the hairdresser to lop off six inches or so, my words are always met with horror.

“You want me to cut that much off? But it’s pretty!”

And that’s nice.

Of course, there’s a flip-side to every coin, right? My hair IS long. And color-treated.

Some of those golds would be silvers without my assistance. It can get dry on the ends, or fly-away. The fine strands pick up static if not properly conditioned and the roots can get greasy (or flaky) depending on the season and situation.

That “thick/fine” pairing? Yeah, that’s just another way of saying, “ridiculously prone to tangles.”

So I need a shampoo and conditioner that will take all this into account.

First off? I do NOT want any kind of flakes or dry skin appearing on my hair or clothing. Let’s face it; that’s just kind of icky. I was confident that Head & Shoulders Green Apple Hair Care would prevent that problem, and it did, indeed, deliver. My scalp looked and felt healthy, and my roots were clean and grease-free.

This is important to me because, since I let my hair grow to be over a foot long, it had better start out healthy at the base! That whole “Healthy Hair Starts from a Healthy Scalp™”? I believe that whole-heartedly.

And, also? Yum. My hair smells delicious.

I know I travel in a section of the blogosphere that readily embraces the “no ‘poo” method of hair-washing. And, while I get the science behind it, I’m telling you right here that I have never had a single urge to try it. Why not?

Well, the biggest reason is that I LOVE yummy-smelling shampoos and conditioners. I like when the strands blow across my face and smell good. I like when my husband hugs me and inhales deeply because it’s just that appealing. I like when my children burrow into the sweet-scented softness.

The green apple scent of Head & Shoulders hair care line immediately sent me back in time with two clear memories-the green apple Jolly Ranchers we used to pass around on junior high field trips and the Apple Pucker the guys upstairs used to drink in college.

Does that sound silly? Maybe, but I just love how evocative scent can be.

Finally, I’ve said it before, but I am SO happy that Head & Shoulders recognizes the value of offering a shampoo and conditioner that aren’t just a “2-in-1″.

The fact is, while my husband loves that type of product, it’s useless on my long, fine, static-y, color-treated hair. All-in-one products are not enough for this much hair, and I’m left with a tangled mess. In order to have healthy, cared-for tresses, I need a separate conditioner.

The bonus here? It’s another layer of that delicious green apple scent. And, you’ll just have to trust me, that makes me even MORE popular with my main man. Can’t wait to get my apple on for our next date night!

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