10 Things HE’S Doing to Make Our Marriage Sing

Last week, I shared ten little (really– they’re so simple) things I’ve been doing that have made a very noticeable difference in the quality of our marriage.  I actually have at least ten more equally easy ideas to share with you all but, for now, I wanted to give credit where it’s due and acknowledge some things my husband has contributed to the newly rediscovered spiciness of our relationship…


Now, I want to be clear about something here.  This list is NOT intended to serve as a “to-do” list for your own husbands.  No indeed.  Rather, it is my hope that it might inspire you to look at your own marriages and pay special attention to the little things he’s likely already doing!  Make sure you’re acknowledging these things and encouraging them– you’ll both benefit so much from it!


Here are ten ways my guy is helping make our marriage better and richer:


  1. He’s working around the house.  I HATE big projects.  They always cause so much mess and stress in the beginning that I have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  He?  Presses on.  And so, as I type, a new beautiful floor is being laid in my lower level.
  2. He’s dressing for me.  My husband would prefer to spend the cold evenings in fleece pajama pants and a fleece pullover.  I am fine with this.  But when he comes out in black pants and a cream linen shirt instead?  Well.  Pitter-pat goes this little heart of mine.
  3. He’s handling stuff that overwhelms me.  Knowing he had MLK Jr Day off, he made an appointment to have my car looked at that day.  He knows I’m just not comfortable trying to describe a problem to a mechanic.
  4. He’s wearing the aftershave I bought him.  I KNOW he doesn’t really love the gel-like texture of that manly mountain spring smelling jazz I got him years ago.  But he knows I love the scent.  And so he wears it.
  5. He’s staying in touch.  My days as a SAHM can be busy, to be sure, but his days away at work can quickly spiral into madness if, say, some major piece of equipment fails.  Nonetheless, he tries hard to send me a quick email, knowing that I might worry he’s upset if he doesn’t.  Even if it’s only four words, it’s enough, and I am at ease.
  6. He drives.  I really don’t like driving all that much.  I know some women do and I think that’s fabulous.  I enjoy quiet, winding roads, but the highways raise my blood pressure.  My husband is a confident, competent driver, and he happily takes the wheel so I can relax and chatter away from the passenger seat.
  7. He goes to Mass.  My husband?  Is not Catholic.  Nor is he a morning person.  But he rises to go to 7:30am Mass with us every Sunday.  That counts for a LOT with me.
  8. He pays attention.  This man I married is hysterical– he can forget so many things.  Yet, somehow, if I just mention in passing that I wish there was a non-diet version of Fresca, he’ll scour the ends of the earth to try to find the closest thing.
  9. He comments.  Do you have any idea how much more fun it is to get dressed up, do your hair and make-up, and toss on some jewelry when you actually get positive feedback?  We all love nice comments.  And I married a man who frequently delivers.
  10. He overlooks so much.  While my husband might comb the aisles to find me a treat or notice that I colored my hair, he somehow manages to completely ignore dust bunnies or clutter piles.  Yummy food ranks before a pristine house for him and a happy wife ranks high above either.  Knowing this, I am free to devote more of my time and energy to making our marriage sing, even if it means the house doesn’t shine.


He’s a keeper!  And I bet yours is too.  Tell me:


What’s something your husband does that helps make your marriage sing?


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8 comments to 10 Things HE’S Doing to Make Our Marriage Sing

  • Adrienne

    My husband does the dishes after dinner (most nights) so I can sit down for a few minutes in between dinner and putting our boys to bed :)

  • Kay

    That was such a sweet list!! I need to look for these things myself and let my hubby know what I love about him!

  • My biggest learning thing is for me to stop nagging. If he won’t do it, he won’t do it – regardless of me constantly reminding him. I know that he likes surprising me with things he’s done and I know my reaction will build him up and will encourage him to do those things on his own time. Ahhh, and number 9… Yup, I agree. My husband is not one to notice make up, but having a clean house and warm meal is always appreciated by him and he always makes the extra effort to thank me.

    Great post!

    • Aw, I LOVE that he takes the time and effort to thank you for those things. I know it might seem like such a small thing to many people, but it’s those little things that really add up over time! :)

  • Houseofmen

    Love this list! I attempt to make one every couple of months or so to remind myself how much he does that I take for granted. Lately its been how he picks up so much of the slack round the house and in the kitchen while I’m struggling through yet another difficult pregnancy i.e he hangs out the washing, gets it in and folds it, loads the dishwasher at nights or before he goes to work just to give me a tidy kitchen, chucks a meal together for the kids when I’ve spent the day in hospital or on the couch… he never forgets to water my vege garden and does all the weeding for me now I can’t lean over, hes so kind when I’m being hormonal (and patient lol), hes currently on a mattress on our bedroom floor because I’m being an awful sleeper yet he doesn’t complain when I climb in with him then promptly spend the night tossing, turning, stealing the blankets and starfishing across 90% of the mattress ;) Hes also willing working as much overtime as he can so we have a nice big buffer for when the little one arrives and hes insisting on putting money aside so I can go buy a new wardrobe when I’m bump-less. Hes a hero and a sweetheart and a brilliant dad and I can’t wait to see him when he gets home just to tell him how much I appreciate him <3

  • I thought “He Comments” was going to mean that he leaves you comments on your blog! haha! Oh the key to a blogger’s heart. ;)

    • I actually thought about that as I typed “everyone loves comments.” *giggle* No, he doesn’t comment on my blog. But he does read it! And he always offers to reply to anyone who dares to be nasty to me. ;)

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