10 One-Liners to Keep Your Marriage Singing

Our marriages are important, right?  We want our spouses to know that they’re vital and wonderful and amazing, right?  We want to communicate our love and need and desire… right?


Of course!  But we’re also busy.  Between work and kids and appointments and errands and sleeping and business trips, we can quickly become two ships passing in the night.  There are days when we truly struggle to cram in any kind of meaningful conversation or interaction.  That’s a bummer.  And we definitely need to make time for those meaningful exchanges!  But, when it’s just not gonna be happening, here are ten one-liners to email, text, or even murmur in passing to help keep your marriage singing:


  1. “The kids seem super tired today; bet they’ll sleep like rocks… “
  2. “I’m thinking of shopping for a new nightgown… “
  3. “Can’t wait for a late night drink with you tonight!” (<– note: drink does not necessarily have to mean alcohol)
  4. “When I made the bed today, it made me shiver… “
  5. “My hands miss your body.”
  6. “I’m wearing your shirt– you’ll just have to take it back.”
  7. “So… can I schedule a spot on your to-do list?”
  8. “There’s something I wanted to show you… “
  9. “You do know how much I can’t wait to have you home, right?”
  10. “I’m wearing that skirt you like… would adding thigh highs be too much?”

… and, for a bonus, my very favorite one “word-er”:  “Hurry.”


Perhaps these seem silly or over-the-top to you?  Could be.  But they’re also surprisingly effective.  I’ve said it before:  rare is the man who really loves subtlety when it comes to you telling him you want him.  This is your husband!  You can be fun and flirty and suggestive and there’s nothing at all wrong with it.  Just make sure he’s the only one who can see or hear your words. ;)


What “one-liner” would you love to send or receive?


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