Yes, yes, yes… This, just this.

I hear her daddy’s voice softly murmur “The End” and I know just what to expect.


I get up from the couch and go stand at the end of her hall, arms open, waiting.


And she runs.  She runs as fast as her two year old legs in footie jammies will go.  Straight for me.  Wild joy and abandon radiate from her beautiful, innocent face.


In that moment she knows EXACTLY where she is headed and she is fearless.  She has no doubt that I will be there.  That I will catch her.  That I will hold her close, embrace her, inhale her glorious sweetness.


And my heart.  It simultaneously implodes and breaks open, light spilling forth.  The love that swells within me is suffocating, but in the most delicious possible way.  Joy bubbles, effervescent bliss that I want to hold, capture, preserve.  I long to just live this, to breathe in that moment.


And I wonder…


When we let go.  When we trust without reservation.  When we put complete faith and joy in one focused goal.  When we run with abandon toward the one thing we know is true, what we need, what we long for…


When we give ourselves to Jesus with the same pure joy and belief of that toddler running for my arms…


How does He feel?  Does His heart swell and burst and feel the contentment of “yes, yes, yes… this, just this”?  Does He hold us close and inhale the precious trust and love we offer up to Him?


I bet He does.


If only I could learn to do it more.

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