Wishing You a Season of Love

My husband and I have this thing.  Whenever we see some sports figure or musician or what-not yelling “Thank you, Jesus!”, we always catch one another’s eye and I giggle.  Because, the thing is, while, yes, I believe the Lord is sovereign over all, I just don’t think that “who wins a football game” or “who gets the grammy” is a real priority of His.  And, well, I also don’t know exactly what the other guy did wrong that he lost.   I’m more of the mindset that God blessed you with talent and now you take it from there.  I’m just saying.


Which brings me to the holidays.  Another time of year when I’m forced to contemplate what really matters…


Santa or no Santa?


Deck the halls to the fullest or have a simpler season?


Say “Merry Christmas” or (gasp!) “Happy Holidays”?


Give many gifts or no gifts or just three gifts or…?


School Christmas Concert or Holiday Show or Winter Festival?


Mega feast or simple supper?



I’m going to say something really earth-shattering and controversial here:


I don’t think He cares.


But I’m pretty sure He doesn’t want us spending time cutting each other down when we could be celebrating His birth.  I don’t think our smug superiority is anywhere on His birthday wish list.


Whatever you’re doing… however you’re doing it… may you have a peaceful, joyful season full of love.

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3 comments to Wishing You a Season of Love

  • There comes a point where you need to live your life and let others do the same. When our focus
    changes from God to others, that’s when the messes start. No one is perfect, save Christ. That’s why He came in the first place. If we want grace extended to us, we need to extend it to others.



  • That’s so funny about the sports people. I always think how dumb, Jesus wouldn’t really care about who won the game and aren’t the sports people twits. But when someone thanks God with their Oscar or Grammy in hand I just assume they are saying thanks for making my life so awesome when I could so easily still be a waiter trying to make it. Ha ha, what a hypocrite I am.

    • I think you have a good attitude and perspective about it, Heather. I just always think, “Really? THIS is what you want God to be focused on right now? Your victory?” I’m a little cynical, though… ;)

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