The Money Saving Mom’s Budget (review)

I “met” Crystal about four years ago.  Four years!!  I found her site, Money Saving Mom, through a chain of blog connections.  First, I read Baby Cheapskate.  Then Freebies 4 Mom.  And, through Heather, I found Money Saving Mom.   I remember learning “how to CVS” from Crystal and the giddiness that came with it.  I remember bonding as we went through our third pregnancies together.  And I remember sniffling that I wouldn’t get to meet her at Relevant.


Over the years, I’ve snagged some really great deals thanks to Crystal but, more importantly, I’ve learned a lot of METHODS to help me be the very best home economist I can be.  And that, my friends, is even more valuable.


Because I have been so blessed by her website, I was excited to have the opportunity to read and review Crystal’s book, The Money Saving Mom’s Budget.  Though chock-full of information, it was a quick read and well-organized.


There are three big take-aways that I got from this book:


  1. It reinforced lessons I’ve learned from her in the past.  You know those, “oh yeah… I remember hearing something about that” moments in your life?  This book was kind of like that for me.  Even though I may have heard Crystal’s suggestions at some other point, it was so helpful to have them all organized and reiterated for me.
  2. It taught me some new things.  Even with four years of reading her site under my belt, I still learned some new things!  Curled on my mother-in-law’s couch, I’d suddenly exclaim, “No way!” and my husband would wonder what on earth I was reading.  I am an ever-learner and I am delighted to be taught new tricks and methods for saving a little cash.
  3. It reminded me how blessed I am.  In this book, Crystal includes helpful tips for even those families who don’t have two nickels to rub together.  Our family is so very fortunate to not be in quite so tight a spot, but she holds your hand no matter where you’re at on your financial journey.  It’s a beautiful thing.


I am, admittedly, a fiction reader.  I like a good, captivating, well-told story.  I sink into novels, not “how-to” books.  I find many non-fiction book and guides dry and unable to hold my interest.  I devoured this one in a night.  I truly do recommend it for anyone– no matter where you’re at on the journey– trying to be a better home economist.


You can pre-order The Money Saving Mom’s Budget from Amazon right now.  It is set for release on January 10, 2012.


(I was provided with a copy of The Money Saving Mom’s Budget to read and review for the purposes of this post.  I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions are, of course, my own.  There are no affiliate links used in this post because, you may recall, Amazon fired me for having a tax-crazy governor.  Thanks!  Also?  I fully intend to actually meet Crystal in person one day.)
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