Missing the Party

I wore this dress on the cruise ship and it felt great.



I wore it many years ago, before babies, on a cruise too.  Honestly, I got more compliments this time, though many of them included the statement, “… and you’ve have THREE babies???”  Still, I can’t deny it felt good.


I was looking forward to wearing it once more this season– to my husband’s annual company Christmas party.


We went last year and it was a delightful time.  I loved getting all dressed up, having grown-up conversations, and sipping some decadent Irish cream on ice all night.  Fun stuff!


I don’t get to go this year.


While my husband dons a suit, holds a glass of red wine, and makes small talk, I’ll be wearing yoga pants, pouring milk, and making dinner.


The whole thing made me sad.  It made me kind of grumpy.  Maybe a little huffy.  Why didn’t I get to share in the fun?  Why couldn’t I have a little part of it?


Though not really sought, the answer slowly seeped through me and I breathed it in:


I can’t go because I have better things to do.


I am Mommy.  And, as it happens, the Christmas party this year falls on the same night that my sister and my mom (my go-to babysitters) have plans.


And so, rather than having my hand shaken by strangers, I will be smothered by kisses from those who love me most.  Rather than polishing my toe nails to peep out of high heeled sandals, I will polish the toe nails of two giggling girlies who will gleefully compare hues.  And rather than defend my role as a stay-at-home mom, I will be living out my calling.


Am I a touch sad to be missing the party?  Sure.  But I’m delighted to not miss the main event.

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