Handing Out Teacher Gifts Early

“Please have snow and mistletoe… and presents on the tree!”


I confess.  I really only took this picture because of that song.  That line always kind of bugs me.  Just because, well, in our home at least, we don’t put presents ON the tree.  But I completely digress here…


I’ve already shared some of my favorite teacher gift ideas with you over at Life as MOM.  If you haven’t yet read them and you need a little inspiration, pop on over!


As for me, I elected to go with the homemade peppermint patties again this year:

I packaged up 28 boxes of those babies.  I should have taken a picture of the whole lot of them but, alas, I didn’t think of it and it’s no longer an option.  Because, see, this is my real tip for you today:


Hand out your teacher/therapist/bus driver/mail carrier gifts early.  There are several reasons why I think this is a good idea:


  1. It takes it off your plate and will leave you less stressed as Christmas grows nearer.
  2. It helps out the recipient in that he or she doesn’t have dozens of gifts to schlep home at this point.  Some will be truly surprised and that’s kind of fun!
  3. I think people will be able to better enjoy this special treat when not just “one of many.”  Maybe I’m silly, but I like to imagine my child’s teacher enjoying some rich chocolates with a nice cup of coffee as they wrap their OWN gifts in preparation for the holidays.
Now… I don’t want my suggestion to add MORE stress to your life so, if you’re just not in a place to get these things done and distributed early, that’s totally fine too!  But, in our house, handing out gifts ahead of the pack works for us.
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