Foods for a Six Year Old’s Tea Party

Were I planning a tea party for myself?  This list would look different.  If my daughter were turning sixteen rather than six?  It would look different, too.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, at the very least, TEA would make it on the menu!  ;)


But my little miracle girl is turning six this Christmas Eve and, on the 23rd (because, alas, with a Christmas Eve birthday, you just can’t do a “friend party” ON the actual day), a few of her little friends will join us for celebrating.  Nifty tid-bit?  One of her dearest friends actually SHARES that Christmas Eve birthday!


So, for the upcoming Dolly & Me Tea Party, here is my six-year-old approved menu plan:


  1. Jelly Flower Sandwiches– I’ll use a tiny cookie cutter and cut out these sweet little white bread/strawberry jam finger sandwiches.
  2. Cheese Star Sandwiches– Tiny cookie cutter again– this time with wheat bread and orange cheese.  That’s right– orange cheese.  I generally only buy “white cheese” and, apparently, C. would like orange for her party.  Okie dokey.
  3. Pizza Bites– These are so little and handy!  I’m making the plain cheese variety for mass appeal.
  4. Grapes on Toothpicks– C. always requests grapes for her birthday and they are ALWAYS terrifyingly pricey this time of year.  But I admit it… I have a hard time denying fruit wishes on birthdays.
  5. Mini Strawberry Wheat Muffins– These just look sweet and girly, while not being a total loss nutritionally.
  6. Butter Cookies with Pink Sugars– Honestly?  I make these cookies this time of year with red and green sugars, anyway.  Doing a couple dozen in pink will be a snap!
  7. Mini Pink Pudding Cups– I found this stuff at Walmart and knew my little girl would be all over it.  I bought tiny white cups (like the ones you might use for ketchup in a fast food joint, but a bit heavier) to make itty bitty servings.
  8. Mini Vanilla Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream and Pastel Sprinkles– Are you sensing a trend?  Pink rules supreme in C’s world.
  9. Sparkling Berry Juice– I have little plastic fancy cups to serve this.  I think the girlies are going to think they’re hot stuff.  Actually, my C. doesn’t like fizz of any kind, so she’ll love the IDEA.  That’s okay.  That’s half the fun at that age.
  10. Hot Cocoa Bar– I did this last year at a birthday party and it was a HIT.  If you have winter birthdays, I highly recommend it.  I should do a whole post on the subject, because it’s really that easy and awesome.
And that’ll do it!  A pretty table with a tiered tray of goodies and my little ladies should be all set.
I can’t wait to see those tiny fingers up in the air…
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