Because Green Is My Favorite Color

I am, admittedly, a jewelry girl.   I love the sparkles, and my husband?  He seems to enjoy giving them to me.  On previous cruises, I always returned with some rather impressive gems.  Of course, we had two incomes and no children in those days.  Things change.


Nowadays, there’s less I *need*, less I want, and, well, less I can afford.  And that works out just fine because I love being the woman with the fabulous children more than I loved being the girl with the gorgeous jewelry.


On November 16th, we celebrated ten years as man and wife.  We were in Grand Cayman, with our three children, and it was beautiful.  It was more than I could have asked for and a perfect fit for us.


We had agreed that the trip was our gift to one another; nothing else was needed.


And so… what a surprise it was to learn my husband had learned and remembered my affinity for simple anniversary bands that mixed diamonds and colored stones.  That he knew, despite the fact that my practical side favored sapphires, in my heart I was hopelessly drawn toward emeralds.  And he tracked down a Columbian Emeralds International to find the very prettiest of green stones.  He knew, of course, that their “stock” size 7 would fall off my thumb, let alone my ring finger, and he insisted upon insurance that it could be taken down three sizes.

My husband.  That man.  He knows me so well.


So, though there was nothing for which I had a burning desire… there WAS this.

Having a new ring?  Well, yes, that’s a lovely thing.  Having a man who knows me so incredibly well and takes the time to learn and remember all those tiny details?


Well, that’s the finest thing a wife could ask for.


(I realize this post isn’t helpful or informative in any way… but I’m so giddy and happy.  And that makes me want to share with friends– YOU!  Thanks for indulging me.)

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