All He Wanted Was to Be a Wise Man

It was beautiful.


Because the children worked so hard and so well together.

Because I was breathlessly reminded of just how staggeringly young and faithful Mary was…

Because “following yonder star” has perhaps never been so cute…

And because our little guy got to be a part of the sweetest group of wise men you could ever hope to meet.


There is simply no doubt about it.  Children’s Christmas pageants are most definitely a finer thing.


Will your children participate in any special Christmas shows this year?  Or will you have the opportunity to attend one?  I’d love to hear about it!

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2 comments to All He Wanted Was to Be a Wise Man

  • We just went to my twin siblings school Christmas concert rehearsal today! Although they are in grade 9, but I really enjoyed the younger grades and the cuteness they bring :). Your son is a wise man in more ways than one ;).

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