What a Six Month Micropreemie Looks Like

Sometimes I think lots of us focus on how small C. was when she was born (1 lb 5 oz).  I understand that– it’s staggering to think of a baby so small!  People are forever trying to envision just how tiny she must have been.


I also answer a lot of curious questions about how big she is now.  “Did she catch up?”  “Is she still tiny?”  “Will she always be small?”  These are all questions I hear frequently.


But sometimes I forget just what that little girl looked like in the interim.


Here she was, at 6 months:

Isn’t she a cutie pie?  But she looks lots younger than six months!  That’s not surprising, given the fact that she was four months early, but it’s still staggering to look back on.


She weighed eight pounds when we had these pictures taken:

Eight pounds.


That’s the size of a newborn!  That’s what my firstborn weighed at birth.


But C. was six months old.


Kind of incredible, isn’t it?


(p.s. I find it hysterical to look back and realize how big her head was compared to her body.  I never noticed it at the time!  I think I was too busy being proud that she somehow escaped having “toaster head” or “c-pap nose” or any of those other preemie markers we had been warned about! ;))


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2 comments to What a Six Month Micropreemie Looks Like

  • Becki

    Doing early intervention, I have seen many micro-preemies for their first three years. I remember being at one family’s house when a package was delivered. The delivery man told the mom congrats on the new baby and she said “thanks, she is 6 months old today.” The man walked away with a confused look… I love hearing people’s reactions when they see a preemie walking or sitting and they look too small to be doing those milestones. Preemies may be a tiny package, but they have survived more than most of us ever will. I love the determination they display through life! Thanks for continuing to share your stories!

  • I didn’t think her head looked overly big, but at first glance I thought “How are those cheeks so FAT?” ha ha

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