Saving Money With Updated Thermostats

As much as I want desperately to cling to the beautiful weather that is autumn in New England, I know that a long, cold, and likely snowy winter lies just around the corner. Yikes! And it’s best to be prepared for that.

One good way we’ve found to shave many dollars off the cost of a comfortable winter? Take a good look at your thermostats.

One of the first changes we made when moving into our Virginia home was to replace the (brand new!) “builder’s special” thermostat with a programmable version we snagged from our local Home Depot.

Even though Virginia seasons were milder than some we had experienced, there was still a definite need for heat in the winter (and AC in the summer!) Switching out the traditional thermostat for a programmable one enabled us to set it so our home was always comfortable during the morning, evening, and weekend hours we would be there, while not wasting needless energy while we were gone at work. Fantastic!

At our home here in Connecticut, we encountered a different issue. While I now stay home with our three children, making the need to “set it and forget it” less crucial, we were faced with thermostats original to our late-1960′s house.

Not only were they ugly as sin (just keeping it real here), but they were also horribly inaccurate. Setting our bedroom thermostat at 60 degrees fifteen minutes before we headed into bed would result in a room that was swelteringly hot a half hour after we fell asleep. This was, of course, not a pleasant feeling, but it also meant that we were throwing money out the window. (Almost literally, since I would have to crack a window open to make it bearable again!)

We made a quick trip to The Home Depot to pick up new thermostats to work with our electric baseboard heat. My husband spent about a half hour to replace a few of them and, voila! Accurate thermostats. (Much prettier, too, by the way…) Being able to keep our rooms at consistent, accurate temperatures means that we avoid the trial-and-error of our old, faulty thermostats–and that saves us money.

Replacing thermostats is a fairly quick, easy project that many homeowners can manage themselves, and that can make a real impact on your energy costs.

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