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Nine days.  Nine days we were without power.


My house was dark.  Cold.  Stagnant.  Quiet.


The sun set early each night.  No TV or computer screen cast its glow on our evenings.  No phone calls would ring out over our phone line.


I was without power.


But there is a difference between being without power and being powerless.



**Pandora or iTunes may have been off the table, but I could still fill my children’s days with song.

**Downed lines may have made attending Mass impossible, but we could still talk to Jesus.

**Pretty overhead lights may have been useless, but warm oil lamps cast a soothing glow over hushed evening conversations.

**I may not have been able to bake fresh bread, but I could spill joy over my family as I laughingly cut hot dogs to fit on burger buns.

**Though hot water didn’t flow from the taps, that just made the precious bucket of hot water my dad heated each morning on his charcoal grill all the more cherished and appreciated.



Through it all, my eyes opened ever-wider to the truth:


We were without electricity.  But we had the power to spark creativity, ignite wonder, and fan the flames of joy.


With God, we need never feel powerless.

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