Playing in Cozumel

Eight years ago…


We had no children.

I’d never had a baby grow inside me.

We’d been married a scant two years, but thought we’d weathered the worst storms we’d face. (Ha!)

We both worked full-time in banking and carefully planned these get-aways each year.

We set out for the sun and warmth and played in the Cozumel sea.


Today, eight years later, we do the same.


Though we have three children.

And I’ve been blessed to be the one to carry them.

And our 10th anniversary has come and gone… along with some very tumultuous storms.

And he still works in banking, but I stay home… and we have to plan even MORE carefully to be able to get away.


Today, we again play in Cozumel.


And that’s a Finer Thing.


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