Laying Out Kids’ Clothes

My older two go to school.  That means that, Monday through Friday, they need to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, put on jackets, backpacks, etc. and be out the door by 8:25.  Now, 8:25 really isn’t that early.  I am well aware of this.  And, in a perfect world, I would have plenty of time to help them pick out cutie-pie matching outfits in between frying their eggs and kissing my husband goodbye, careful not to leave a lipstick smudge– because, of course, my makeup would all be in place, right???


In reality, despite all my good planning, intentions, and even early-rising, a morning can quickly spiral out-of-control when my youngest has an accident in her underpants, my middle child announces that she thinks her contact popped out, and my oldest realizes he forgot his windbreaker at school (again).  That’s just life and it’s best to go ahead and plan for it!


The number one way I help my mornings out is menu-planning and setting dishes out the night before.  Priceless, I tell you.


But the other way I help keep our mornings moving smoothly, despite the inevitable bumps in the road?


I lay out the kids’ clothes for the week on Sunday afternoon.


I do not have any fancy organizers and dividers and special shelves for this.  I have a very simple system.  Here’s what I do:


  1. Check and commit the next five days to memory (e.g. “warm, cool, cool, cold, cool”– nothing fancy)
  2. Choose five weather-appropriate outfits, complete with undies and socks (tights), and lay them side-by-side on the bed.
  3. Moving left to right, pick up outfit stacks to form one big Monday –> Friday pile.
  4. Place pile on deep shelf.
  5. Expect child to grab top outfit and dress self each morning.


And, really, that’s it.


Since I don’t have any fancy organizer-thingies, I rely on the cheap-o, low-tech method:  I simply adjusted a shelf to be lower and thus accomodate a big old stack.  And that was that.


Having the kids’ clothes ready and waiting for them absolutely saves me times and helps keep me sane through the week.


How about you?  Do you lay out clothes for your children?  How many days at a time?

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8 comments to Laying Out Kids’ Clothes

  • Courtney

    I have a five-year-old boy and girl, and they dress themselves. Their outfits are sometimes crazy and they sometimes repeat the same outfit within a week (if I wash clothes too frequently). I’m guessing the advantages to your system are that your kids look more put-together and that it avoids delays due to their indecision about what to wear. Another friend of mine goes a different direction for her sleep-morning kids — she has them sleep in their school clothes for the next day!

    • I love that we all find what works for our own families! My kids are truly content letting me make all the choices at this point so, for now, it works for us. Should that change, I’ll adapt and find a new system down the road. :)

  • Celine

    We sometimes do the selecting of outfits for the whole week and put them together in a pile. Though often my older child ends up wanting something different so we started putting full outfits together in her drawers or on hangers in the closet so she can just pick out what she wants.

    • This is a great solution, Celine! Somehow, I have thus-far produced three children (and one husband ;)) who are perfectly content to let me choose their clothes, but I love this idea to allow some more freedom!

  • Sara Morelli

    I love this tip! I live this tip! I have to do everything I can the night before in order to have any chance at getting my three boys out the door on time the next morning!
    Not sure if you have seen the Days of the Week Organizer from but it is perfect for this! And really, I don’t think the price is too much considering how being organized makes everyone so much happier in the morning! Laying out clothes the night before, or week before, might not help every family but it sure made things smoother for ours..

  • Shirnell

    I have those hanger sets that you get when you purchase an outfit set from the store. On Sunday, I pick out all my oldest sons clothes and hang them on those set hangers. In the morning, my husband picks one for our son. If they weather is extreme one way or another one day, I tell my hubs which our son needs to wear.

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