A Storm of Gratitude

(The start of the storm– 45 minutes into it.)

I’ve fussed around a fair bit the last few days.  I know it.  (Forgive me?)  The thing is… I expected it would take awhile to get power back after that devastating October snowstorm.  But then a lot of UNexpected things happened that just got on my last nerve.  So I’m stressed.  And huffy.  And irked.  Overall?  Not at my best.  For that, I do apologize.  I’ll snap back, I’m sure.


But, even in the midst of losing our power for, ahem, NINE days now… having no heat, no water, and, for awhile, a live downed power line at our house, there are always things for which I must be grateful.  Here are ten:


  1. Local family.  My parents drove over the day after the storm to check on us and found us huddled in a freezing cold house with no cell service and trapped by downed lines crossing our driveway and road.   They were able to call in our situation and they offered us a place to stay.  My sister?  Got her power back sooner than my parents and graciously invited us to do laundry and shower at her place– that shower and a warm lunch were like heaven.
  2. Generous neighbors.  Neither we nor my parents had power or a generator.  One of my parents’ neighbors, however, did.  And he, in a display of amazing kindness and generosity, stretched a massive, long extension cord down to my parents’ house.  (And these are big, far-apart houses!  This isn’t like a postage stamp lot they were crossing!)  This allowed my dad to alternate between heating the house and running the fridge.   We had ample food and didn’t freeze– huge blessings, indeed.
  3. A salvaged Halloween.  You all know by now– I’m not into Halloween.  But we DO let our children get dressed up and go to our neighbors’ houses.  We were able to take them to five friendly neighbors of my parents, all of whom were delighted to see my little ballerina, cowboy, and cowgirl.  They each had a small stash of candy and were SO delighted and proud.  Kids don’t need pounds and pounds of sugar.  It’s the joy of the experience.  And they still got to have it.  Even if I did wear boots through the snow…
  4. Reading by flashlight.  There’s not much you can do easily with a flashlight, really.  But we were able to read!  After the littles were tucked in and conversations became peppered with yawns, we would retreat to bed and read.
  5. Down comforters.   No matter how cold it seems to get, we’re always all cozy when covered up with down.  A cozy nest in a frigid room is sometimes the best medicine, in my opinion.
  6. A heap of construction paper.  HOURS were killed, my friends, with construction paper, tape, crayons, and scissors.  Nothing fancy.  My children created holiday decorations, masks, books, awards, you-name-it.  They went through a LOT of paper.
  7. Good sleepers.  I have raised three good eaters and sleepers.  Who could ask for anything more?  They ate what they were given and slept happily, all three in one bed.  Utter cuteness to see three smiling faces side-by-side in fleece jammies.
  8. Coffee.  We managed to have coffee through it all.  I could weep with gratitude over that simple fact.
  9. Fresh-baked muffins.  Well… almost.  While I sobbed over all the meat (I had just stocked up!) that I lost from my freezer, I was able to grab the bag of Toasted Coconut Banana Muffins I had tossed in there.  What a treat for our breakfasts!
  10. A free movie.  Confession?  My children had never been to the movie theater before.  We just aren’t cinema-goin’ folk!  But when a small sign caught my eye on Thursday afternoon, I told my mom.  She asked for more details in our local theater.  As a way to help out, our theater offered a free showing of a children’s movie on Friday morning.  What joy that brought them!   What a fabulous treat after having been without power for six days already at that point!


And, oh, I could go on…


I really could!  The blessings simply abound if you take the time to look for them!


I won’t lie to you.  This past week or so has been ROUGH.  I could, with no difficulty at all, whip out a Ten Things My Power Company Does Wrong post in five minutes flat.  I could fret about trying to clean out tiny toddler undies after a bout of diarrhea (that didn’t make it to the potty) with no running water.  But… for what?


I will carry on, charge ahead, and remember what I’m here for:


to celebrate life’s (sometimes unexpected) miracles and blessings.
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*Update:  Power came back up last evening– woo hoo!!!






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11 comments to A Storm of Gratitude

  • So glad you have power now! Sounds like you had a rough time of it for sure. I hope this week goes much better for you! I love how you were able to list all the things you were thankful for. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover the lost food.

    • Oh, it could have been a lot rougher, I’m sure. :) I think our deductible makes filing a claim kind of a waste of time, but it’s definitely something to be aware of. I know when we were in a hurricane in Virginia, we did get reimbursed for our lost food (and that was a much shorter power outage!!)

  • Well you do know I’m all about thankfulness ;). It’s very hard to count our blessings when we are in the midst of struggle. It’s always a good attitude to have though, because it makes the day brighter and we really do have so much! I’m so glad you guys are okay and you got your power back :).

  • Celine

    I can’t say I know your pain as we were part of the small handful that did not lose power because of the storm. It had to be frustrating though it’s wonderful that your able to see the blessings within the situation. It seems like so many people around here aren’t able to see the positive and blessings.

  • Truth? I’d have tossed the toddler undies. I’m just not that good. ;) SO GLAD you have power again!

  • My heart breaks to read this! Wow you came through it with a good attitude, and lots of stories to share (your kids will probably remember some of it as well). I heard there were families within an hour or two of our house who were out that long, but since we don’t have television, our news isn’t always up to the minute. Three days was the worst here, but we were spared. I’m a new subscriber (came over from 10 things…) ~Lori

  • My friend I would totally have thrown those diarrhea pants away! I think you are entitled to be a little frazzled and irked. You are super to have a great attitude!

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