T.V. with Daddy

Here are just a few things you should probably know going into this post…

  1. We DO have a TV in our house.
  2. We do NOT get any fancy channels– just basic network, thankyouverymuch. ;)
  3. Hubby and I definitely have “our shows” that we enjoy watching together in the evenings.
  4. I do not turn on the TV for my kids every day, nor do I believe in letting them watch hours of it.  It’s just not my thing.


Okay, so there you go.  We’re pretty modest TV-wise, compared to the average American, but we are in no way completely anti-television, nor have we banned it from our home.  (Our bedroom, yes– it’s banned there, but that’s a different topic…)


And here’s what I’ll confess:  I’ve always thought my husband lets the kids watch too much TV.


Saturday morning while I cook breakfast?  On it goes.  It might come back on after breakfast too.  After Mass on Sunday?  On comes a cartoon or nature show.  And Sunday afternoon?  Well, that’s football time, of course.




I never– even when I was sick and pregnant– put that much TV on for my kids.  It’s just not how I do things.  I simply cannot STAND the idea of letting a television set take over for entertaining my children and keeping them busy for a couple hours so I can “do my thing.”  So it bugged me.  All the time.  I’d roll my eyes.  Probably uttered a snide remark or two.  In short, I didn’t like this routine.


But, this past weekend, something finally dawned on me:


While I rely on an occasional half hour of TV to keep my kids busy and, quite frankly, out of my hair while I get something done, my husband actually watches the shows with them and they bond.


Really.  He asks questions.  He points things out.  He can sit contentedly with a child (or two or three) piled on top of him and watch what I consider to be some inane cartoon.  He’ll style our girls’ hair or let them brush his.  He’ll endure the “sneak attack” punches in the ribs from our son.


This isn’t the way I “do TV.”  And so how can I compare them?  It’s apples and oranges.


It’s taken me a long time.  And I can’t say that I vow to never, ever again roll my eyes.  But, despite all my griping and misgivings, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that having my kids watch TV with Daddy?  It actually works for me.


How about your family?  Is there any activity where you see a big discrepancy between how you do it versus how your spouse does it?

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