Sidelined With Green Eyes

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I’m bracing myself for jealousy.


You see… the Relevant ’11 Conference is about to begin.  Somehow, I manage to just ignore all the BlogHer chatter when it comes up year to year.  Even though I appreciate being a part of their ad network, I think the sheer size of the conference is overwhelming to me and I don’t feel bad missing it.  Then there’s Blissdom.  Lots of bloggy friends attend that one and I’ve been known to feel a tad wistful.  But, for the most part, I just follow the Twitter-stream happily and don’t dwell on it.


But.  Relevant.


This is the one conference I’ve dearly wished I could attend.  It’s within driving distance of me.  I love the message.  I adore so many of the attendees.  Some of them I’ve “known” for over three years now.  I want to meet them.  Hug them.  Pray with them.  We’ve prayed for each other before.  It would be lovely to do so in real life.


The chatter has begun.  There’s an electric charge to the air, just sparkling with excitement.  The #Relevant11 hashtag is blowing up my “favepeeps” column on Twitter.  I’ve read “10 things my roommates should know” and “look what I’ll be wearing” and everything in between over the past week.


Part of me wants to be annoyed.  To roll my eyes and say, “Okay, alright already.  I got it.  But, really… is there nothing else you can talk about?  Seriously?”  That’s the jealous part.


I’m going to admit that I’ll be feeling sad as I read all your fun news.  I’ll sulk and sigh and wish I was there.  I might even get weary of all the excited status updates with exuberant exclamation points that I’m bound to see over the next several days.  But, in my heart, I’ll be smiling knowingly…


because I’d be doing the exact same thing.


Make me feel like I’m there, ladies!  I hope you can feel my hugs even though I won’t be there.

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6 comments to Sidelined With Green Eyes

  • I wish you were going to be there!!! I felt the same way last year. It was especially hard because I had a real life church friend who was attending and really wanted me to go.

    Did you see that you can watch the keynote speakers live?

    • That’s great news, Rebekah! It’s always hard to feel “left out”, even though that’s not really the case. My life is just playing out in a different way this year and I am totally good with that (I mean, hello– cruise next month! Woo hoo! :D). I truly, truly wish you all a very wonderful time and I can’t wait to be inspired by all you all learn and share!

  • I don’t know much about Relevant, but I’m sorry you won’t be there when you want to go so badly. I think I’ll just ignore the whole thing so I won’t be tempted to be jealous.

    • Are you on Twitter, Mandy? If not, it should be fairly easy to ignore. :) I know I’d feel a whole lot worse about the whole thing if we weren’t going away next month. I’ll take comfort in the fact that I’ll be in the Caribbean while others are shivering- ha! (I kid, of course. ;))

  • Celine

    I completely understand how you feel. I would have loved to go to and the fact it’s within driving distance makes it a bit harder not to be going. It just wasn’t in the cards. I’m counting it as a blessing. No rushing around,no, having to pick out clothes, no worrying about having to be somewhere at a certain time, no having to pick and chose. I get to stay home and hear all about the highlights via my favorite bloggers.

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