Picking Out Pumpkins

Some people grow their own pumpkins.  (This is not a good option for me since my zucchini and melons will attest to the fact that I attract powdery mildew like a magnet.)  Some people buy their pumpkins at the grocery store.  (Gets the job done, even if it’s not the most fun memory-making opportunity.)  Some people go to the pumpkin patch.  (Wonderful chance for seasonal fun, though often pricey in my neck of the woods.)


We?  Head out to our driveway.  Ready kids?

Thumbs up.  Ready!

Okie dokey.  Up the driveway we go, and we turn right.  Here’s our road:


We walk along to the end.  We turn left.  And there it is.  Right there.

They choose carefully…

We put a few dollars in the open tupperware container tucked in the wagon.


We walk back home.

Success.  And pride.

Picking out pumpkins is great fun when you live down the road from a farm in the country!


Where do you pick out your pumpkins?


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