Packaged, Gluten-Free Cookies? (review)

I’ve said before– We are not a gluten-free family.  Actually, we are a very fortunate family in that we have no apparent issues with gluten and no true food allergies.  I have one child with a lactose sensitivity but, really, we’re lucky.


You also probably know by now that I bake.  Pretty much incessantly.  I love making cookies and brownies and cupcakes and blondies and, well, you get it…


All that being said, my children attend a public school and they have little friends with all manner of food allergies and sensitivities.  The yumminess I bake up?  Well, it’s not always a safe choice for their tummies.   I’m not experienced in baking gluten-free goodies and, I’ll confess, I’m a bit suspect of packaged cookies…


Our family was recently given the opportunity to try Udi’s Gluten-Free Cookies, available in Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Oatmeal Raisin (psst– they’re all soy- and nut-free too!).  I could tell right away from looking at them that they were a higher quality than most cookies you’d buy pre-packaged from a store.  But, still… what would my family– the ones totally used to home-baked, gluten-filled baked goods– think of these?  Sure, they might be a nice option for gluten-free guests in our home, but would WE like them?


Yes.  Yes, we sure did.  My kids simply had no clue they were any different from “regular” cookies.  They loved them!  My husband, as he bit into his second Udi’s chocolate chip cookie, jokingly remarked, “They taste as if they’re missing something… what is it… hmm… gluten??”  Wise guy.  He liked them too.


It’s great to know my family could be perfectly happy with a gluten-free treat… and kind of nice to know there’s a pre-made cookie out there that really is tasty!


Does someone in your family eat a gluten-free diet?  Are you looking for a treat to keep on hand for any extended family or friends who eat gluten-free?  Udi’s cookies might be just the thing.  You can learn more about them here or on Twitter or Facebook.


Disclosure: My family was provided with samples of Udi’s cookies to try.  All opinions/recommendations are purely my own.



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