It’s not too early to think about Christmas Cards!

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Oh, I know, I KNOW… it’s bad enough that you have to march by Santas and snowmen to get to the candy corn at the store.  Now here I am bringing up CHRISTMAS CARDS of all things!  And, yes, we still have more than two months until Christmas gets here, but I still say that now is a great time to start thinking about what kinds of photo cards or gifts you might be needing to check some people off your list.  This is one of those things that doesn’t take long, but it’s so much more fun if you’re not scrambling around at the last minute to get it done!


For our family, we always, always send photo Christmas cards.  I think it’s nice to let all our long-distance friends and relatives see how much the kids have grown and changed from year to year.  I, for one, absolutely love to receive photo cards.  (Psst– they’re the only ones that actually make it onto my fridge!)


I love this “Twirling Ribbon” card from Shutterfly because it would look gorgeous with a fall photo, too.  There’s no law that says you have to have snowflakes or pine trees on your Christmas card!  For a summer vacation shot, how about this lovely “Coastal Wishes” design?   Me?  I gravitate toward cards with a Christ-centered message and, between that and my passion for teal, I think this “Flourishing Noel” card might be perfect for our family.


Even if you’ve given up on sending cards (or you already have a stash up your sleeve), there are still some fun things to check out at the Shutterfly site.


In years past, my siblings and I have compiled a photo calendar for our parents with seasonal shots of the grandkids.  It was always a hit!  This is especially nice if some or all of the family is long-distance.  I, personally, always love to receive magnets or ornaments with photos on them… what a special way to be reminded of loved ones!


Do you enjoy photo cards as much as I do?  Well, happy day!  Shutterfly has provided codes good for 25 free photo cards for three of my readers!  For your shot at one, just answer the following question:


What’s your favorite kind of Christmas card to send or receive?


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32 comments to It’s not too early to think about Christmas Cards!

  • Jessica H

    I love the cards that have some sort of newsletter included that tells all the family has been up to that year. =)

  • I used to rubber stamp my own cards…but when baby #2 arrived that fell by the wayside. For the last 2 years I’ve gotten photo cards through Costco.

  • Danielle F.

    My favorite Christmas cards include a personal message. While a whimsical quote or religious message reminds us about the holiday itself, a message from a loved one or dear friend makes me really focus on the memories and emotions of the holidays instead of just “stuff”.

  • I love photo cards!

  • Victoria

    I also am a big fan of the photo cards. Quick, easy, and feel more personal. My husband and I have sent out these for the past 4 or 5 years. This year we finally have the baby to add! An extra special card to the family and friends this year!

  • Kelly

    I like it when my children add personalized messages or small drawings on the cards.

  • Shelley

    Love photo cards!

  • Jes Sprouse

    I love picture cards. It’s amazing to see how family and friends have grown over the years. We hang all of ourthe cards in ourthe kitchen and thenthe keep them in a Christmas photo album when the season is over. It’s fun to look back through each year!

  • Celine

    We love photo cards the best. They are so beautiful and so easy to tuck away in an album to look back at year to year. Those are usually the only cards that get saved or left out well past Christmas. It’s also sweet to get them from kids I use to work with and to have my kids see how they have grown up over the years. My older daughter loves seeing what “grown-ups” looked like as little kids.

  • Celine

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  • Celine

    I shared this on Facebook.

  • Celine

    I shared this give away on my Blog

  • lori quesinberry

    i posted on twitter and facebook. my favorite kind of card is winter, jewish theamed. anything blue and hanukkah rocks..

  • Sherri Yoder

    I love receiving photo cards!

  • One thing I love about Christmas cars is when there is a personal message in the card. Even if it is a typed letter to everyone, that is good with me!

  • jennifer sawyer butler

    Love shutterfly cards!!! Love making them personal…updating the family…putting thought into them! LOVE THEM!

  • I love photo cards that glorify Christ

  • Joan

    My favorite Christmas card is one with a personal message, AND a photo. I didn’t realize how much photos were appreciated until my friends were spread all over the United States- now I enjoy seeing a once a year photo of their families!

  • Jackie

    My family and friends always looked forward to what kind of silly Christmas outfit I was going to put my dogs in. I’ve been doing it for 9 years now and this year will be adding my new little girl to it! Can’t wait to take that picture and send it out! :)

  • Christina J.

    I love Christmas cards with family photos. I compare the previous years photos with the new ones. I find them fascinating because of how much the kids have grown in just one year.

  • I love seeing personalized photo cards of my friends and families kids!

  • Jamie

    I love cards that have a newsletter and family photos. We live far from home so I like to see recent photos of all the growing kiddos and hearing all about what they did during the year.

  • lori

    i posted to face book . Lori virgina

  • lori

    i love to get hanukkah cards. the star of david ones on shutterfly are my fav. this is the first yr we are doing photo cards and i’m so excited.

  • Katie Bowles

    My favorite kind of card is a handmade one. A personalized one, including some kind of picture (good quality) with a quote/saying/wishful phrase written specifically for the receiver of the card. I am NOT a fan of sending out mass amounts of cards with the same thing written inside each of them. :(

  • Elisa Gruss

    I like cards that have a hand-written note inside!

  • Laura

    I love photo cards to see how my friends’ children have grown!

  • Photo cards are my favorite, I think people hang onto them a little longer than the regular cards! I also like to include a letter to update everyone on our family.

  • Marci

    I like to send cards my kiddos make. :-)

  • Lacie

    I love both cards that remind us of the reason for Christmas (Christ’s birth) and cards that fill you in on what’s going on in a family–not necessarily the really long Christmas letters…but a cute, concise briefing. :)