So… is Facebook working for me?

It’s been over four months now.  I made the leap to WordPress (and my own domain.)  My wonderful husband helped make my blog prettier and more user-friendly.  (We hope?  We tried!)


At that same time, I did what I said I’d never do:  I joined Facebook.


So, is it working for me?  Well… pretty much.  Here’s what I’ll tell you, honestly, about my experience so far:


What I Like About Facebook:

  • I can share bits and pieces about my life without the character limitations of Twitter.
  • The links I share have pictures!  So silly, I know, but I like that.
  • I find that I interact with a separate “group” of readers on Facebook more than on Twitter or through the comments.  I’ve truly enjoyed forging those connections!
  • I really enjoy the “like” feature.  It’s such a quick, painless way of saying: “yeah, that.”
  • I no longer feel like I’m “missing” stuff about my bloggy BFF’s.  Sometimes I felt out of the loop in the past.  It’s kind of nice to have another way of keeping up.
  • I’m able to better stay in touch with my cousins.  Two of my cousins are young women the same exact age as me, and also wives and mothers– but we live all over the country.  It’s fabulous to be better-connected with them.
  • I’ve reconnected with a few, precious friends from years past.  A dear friend from our Virginia days.  The best man from our wedding.  My husband’s college roommate.  My best friend growing up.  I truly, truly MISS these people.  It’s good to be in touch.
  • I can score some good coupons and freebies.  It’s true.  Lots of companies are using Facebook to share deals these days and I’m happy to capitalize on that fact!
  • It’s fun.  I like social media, I really do.  So Facebook is kind of a natural fit for me.


What I DON’T Like About Facebook:

  • It can easily be another time-suck.  Just like anything else, it does require some self-restraint.
  • It can feel like a popularity contest.  With people clamoring to get more and more “Like”s or “Friends”, it can feel a little high school-ish to me.
  • On the subject of feeling high school-y, this whole “friend request” business feels that way, too…
  • I hate ignoring friend requests.  But I have to.  I don’t want 500 some-odd friends.  Let’s be honest– I don’t HAVE that many friends.  Keeping the number reasonable is important to me.  But I feel super bad ignoring people…
  • While I love the comment feature of Facebook, I don’t like when all the comments wind up there rather than on a post… I would just like the conversation to be in one place, I guess.  Seems simpler.
  • I can’t get used to the term “unlike”… I mean, as a verb.  It’s an adjective, people.  Just saying.
  • I don’t like that people can view my page without being on Facebook and “liking” my page.  I can’t explain it, but it makes me feel weird and kind of stalked.  So, um, if you’re in the habit of looking at my Facebook page, would you be a love and just go ahead and “Like” it already?  So I can lose this creepy feeling?  ‘Kay thanks. :)


If I could do it over, would I still join Facebook?  Yes.  Yes, indeed.  The things I feared– it’s a time-suck, people from high school will try to find you, etc– were indeed valid concerns.  But they’re not a huge deal.  The second is easy to avoid if you’re a married woman and you opt to not use your maiden name anywhere.  And if your married name is as common as mine?  All the better. ;)


I don’t think I’m ever going to master the art of Facebook or have thousands of fans.  And I’m okay with that.  I can flat guarantee you I will never have hundreds of “friends.”


But, yeah, I’ll say it: Facebook works for me.


How about you?  Are you on Facebook?  What do you like and/or dislike about it?


(Also?  If you want to find me on there, just head here.)


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11 comments to So… is Facebook working for me?

  • Glad you’re enjoying it. I can definitely attest to it being a time waster, but as long as I limit myself a bit, I have a lot of fun keeping up with friends and family on there.

    You can set your privacy setting so that people can’t see anything on your page other than your name and profile photo. I’ve done that. I also don’t friend anyone I don’t know in real life (or at least knew in the past)… I keep Facebook separate from my bloggy identity.

    • That’s good to know, Amy– I actually tried to figure out a way to do that but, while I can find all sorts of options for my “personal” page on FB, my blog page seems to be fair game for anyone in the world to see. I wonder what I’m doing wrong? I’ll have to see if I can figure it out– appreciate the info!!

  • I don’t use Facebook. The things you like about it, I feel I can get just as well from other sources. The people who are now ignoring me because they live their whole lives on Facebook?–THEIR LOSS. I’m quite findable through a Web search or most locator sites if anyone cares to look for me.

  • You’re so funny. I have no idea how many friends I have. Were we supposed to accruing as many as possible? I just say no to friend requests if #1 I don’t recognize the name and #2 we have no mutual friends. If I don’t know the name but we have 15 mutual friends from the NICU…well then I get it and accept. I dont’ think you should feel bad AT ALL. You’ll never see the people you denied in person!!!
    DO you think people are stalking without liking? I never even thought about it…now I feel creeped out. UNLIKE!!

    • Hmm… well, I don’t know if it’s a real goal to accrue many friends, but sometimes it sure looks like it! ;) (And, um, I very well MAY see a couple people whose friend requests I’ve ignored in real life… but, well, they’re people I don’t enjoy talking to in person, so I see no reason to “connect on FB”, you know? Is that awful?)

  • I use to be on it (I was in college when it first came out). It was great back then but it’s become a little too stalkerish for me. People “stalk” you instead of picking up a phone and calling you. Plus I feel like some things should be a mystery…I don’t want to know how many times someone has had sex today or changed a light bulb.

  • You need a welcome page for your blog FB page. Then people who “stalk” you will only see the welcome page until they “like” you. I finally got mine set up last week. ;)

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