When your micropreemie grows up…

I’ve always figured she would be tiny… and she is.


Fine-boned and whip-slim, my little C. will never be described as “sturdy” or “solid” or any of that.


Two years ago, I kissed this wee little thing goodbye and wished her well in three-year-old preschool.

Two years have passed.  Just two years.

How did she get so grown up? ¬†Still slim, yes, still delicate… but so grown up.


I guess I just somehow figured my micropreemie would always be a baby.


What a bittersweet realization that she will not.


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6 comments to When your micropreemie grows up…

  • Mermaid

    My 28-weeker had IUGR and then had eating issues so she’s always been teeny-tiny – nearly 10 pounds less than her twin brother at 2 1/2 yrs old. I can’t imagine that she’s going to grow up some day. That’s just a horrible, horrible realization!

    Your C is a cutey-pie, though, so maybe it can be ok that they grow up. Maybe.

  • Oh yes, I know whereof you speak! Our little miracle baby who was only 1 lb. 14 oz and 13 in long at birth, is now 10 years old and pushing 5 ft tall. She’ll probably get there this year. A preemie baby? Sure can’t tell it now!

    But when I think of the alternative, I thank our lucky stars for our tall-for-her-age, healthy, fifth-grader with a high IQ!! We are oh, so grateful.

  • Davita

    Yes my little bit was 3 lbs and 3 ozs and will be four in a couple of weeks and I am realizing how that time flies so quickly. Even though it seems so long ago I can still close my eyes and I am immediately transported back to her room in the NICU. Holding her in my arms…singing to her hymns…and encouraging her to keep pushing on!! Oh how the Lord carried me through those times and blessed me with a beautiful, smart; and loving little girl when it seemed that all hope was gone!! Thank you Lord for the hard times that have taught me to cherish the good times!!!

  • Marcia dall

    read your birth storey and loved it,it was so real.
    my sweet son was born 27 weeks weighing 1.4kg,also never got to hold him,or touch him,
    we were told to say goodbye,but he proved to be a fighter and stayed with us,
    i never breastfed,i expressed rather for my son was to small.
    my son is now three and holding his own in this world.thank heavens for big mircles

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