Two Premium Brands that Save Me Money

There are a couple of name brands about whom I cannot say enough wonderful things.  Cascade and Huggies leap to mind.  I love their products.  I think they’re far superior to their competitors.  I wouldn’t dream of replacing them with their “store brand” counterparts.


But they would NEVER want me to advertise for them.


Why not, you may wonder?


I’ll tell you why:  because I use much less than the recommended amount of the product.  This is awesome for me– I get great results and wind up spending less money.  But do you think Cascade wants me gushing about how they’re so awesome that just a small squirt will do the trick?  Of course not!  While I’m sure they appreciate my loyalty in buying their product, the last thing they need is some woman telling you that filling your dishwasher’s detergent bin is totally unnecessary.


Ditto for Huggies.  Their wipes completely blow the competition out of the water, in my opinion.  I love them dearly and I especially love that I use far fewer of them than the other brands.  Do you think they want me telling you that you can tear one in half and still have adequate “cleaning power”?  No way!


So, alas, despite my deep love of these brands, I’ll never get to do any testimonials for them.


I will tell you though, dear readers, that these are a couple of cases where, for me, it totally pays to buy the name brand.  Not only am I confident in the results I will get, but I also save money.  With or without a coupon, Cascade costs me less in the end than the off-brands.  Since I can get a packed-full dishwasher nice and clean with such a small amount of product, I save cash by paying a “premium price.”


Saving money isn’t always about the lowest price tag.  Or even the lowest per unit cost after sales and coupons.  Sometimes, saving money is about finding what truly works and how you can get the job done with less product.


What name brands are worth the higher price tag to you?


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10 comments to Two Premium Brands that Save Me Money

  • Well, I’m past the “Huggies” stage (my ‘baby’ is 21 and taller than me) but I get it about Cascade. (I also like Finish.) It is just a total waste to buy the crummy stuff! Honestly, though, I get the pacs instead of the liquid. For me, it’s just easier. But, of course, I stock up when they are on sale (with coupons!).

    • I’ve not tried those Finish pacs yet, but you’re not the first to sing their praises– I may have to give them a shot sometime when they’re on sale! I was NOT a fan of the old Electrasol ball pac things that they came out with in, hmm, probably 2004? But it’s been awhile… I could give the new ones a shot. ;)

  • I’m stuck on the Finish gelpacs. They work great in my dishwasher and everything is always clean. I cannot say that about other brands or knock-offs.

    The only other thing I can think of is Costco brand toilet paper. Works better for us (and our older plumbing) than any of the premium brands.

    • So, I thought of something else just as I hit send… We, too, use Huggies wipes. I think, in nearly 8 years of being a mom, I’ve only bought a different brand a few times. I have always been disappointed.

    • I heard that Scott toilet paper is good for old plumbing and septic systems, too. I know what you’re talking about– you’ve got to find the product that works with YOUR house! And I will say that our new, fancier dishwasher does pretty well even with off-brand detergent. Pretty well… not “Cascade well.” ;)

  • Marci

    I am the same way about Cascade and Huggies wipes (and diapers…though we are mostly cloth now). Also things like Advil, Zyrtec, and Benadryl gel because the store brands haven’t worked as well for me. Oh, and Pepperidge Farm bread. I’m sure there are a few other things…I generally though buy whatever is on sale with coupons or the store brand.

    • I’m right there with you– I almost always buy what’s on sale with coupons or store brand. I’m a big advocate of being flexible! But, there are a few things where, yep, it just doesn’t pay to deviate from what really, truly works. :)

  • Courtney

    Definitely with you on the Cascade and we don’t like any TP but Charmin. :<}

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