My Words Are My Tools

It has been a delight to share with you all a little bit about the faith of my children alongside a wonderful group of bloggers.  We’ve talked about learning from them, the role of family, and the role of tradition.  And for this, our final installment in this series, I want to talk to you all about the tools we use as a family to help build the faith of our children.


I must confess that I feel woefully inadequate to write this post.  There are so many knowledgable, experienced people out there with fabulous book, CD, DVD, workbook, journal, etc. recommendations.


I have none of those.


What do we use for tools in our home?  Well, we have a “baby bible”… you know, the kind with super simple stories, board book pages, and a handle?  We also have some Bible coloring books and puzzle books that I snagged at the dollar store.  And I wear jewelry that reflects my faith (e.g. my emerald cross).

It’s nothing fancy.  Nothing amazing or even very inspiring.  Thankfully, what it IS is thought-provoking and question-inducing.  And this is why these tools do matter.


My children ask about the pictures in their coloring books.  My daughters clamor to climb on my lap and gently finger that delicate cross… and they ask about it.    My son remembers the simple Bible stories we’ve read together and makes connections, “There’s a boy I played with at school named Jonah.  Remember the story about Jonah?   Can we read that again?”


These are all opportunities to talk about, and teach, our faith.  It’s not really the tools themselves that have value in our home– it’s the words they help draw out.  It’s all so very simple.  And that’s a good thing!  Because, to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn’t recommend an awesome Bible workbook if my next meal depended on it.  It’s not something we’ve ever had around here nor have I done the research.  This isn’t to say that I don’t see the value… it’s just not what’s happening around our home.


For my children, the most important tools are simply the ones that make them think.  It could be a picture.  It could me a little plate from DaySpring.  It could be anything!  But if it makes them pause, think, and ask us questions, well, it’s served its purpose.  And that’s really all I’d ever ask of any tool.


What tools do you use to help build your children’s faith?

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