How to Make Perfect, Wavy Bacon

Okay, truth– I’m not a big fan of bacon.  I know!!!  Crazy, right?  I don’t hate it.  And I enjoy it in “smaller” quantities, like in Scrambled Eggs with Bacon or Aussie Chicken.  But I don’t really eat strips of it with my breakfast.  I guess it’s just not my thing.  My family, however, really likes it and I make fairly frequently.


And here’s another confession.  While I have zero interest in actually eating the sandwich, I’ve always really envied the pretty wavy bacon that Wendy’s shows in its ads:

Seriously!  I love the look of those lovely, curly, perfectly waved strips of bacon.  They look nifty AND it seems like they would better fit on a bun.


My bacon doesn’t turn out like that.  At least it never did… until I figured out the trick.


You’re going to want to bake your bacon for this.  Start with a cookie sheet lined with foil.  Take four to five additional pieces of foil, approx. 5″ wide,  (used and crumpled is fine!) and squeeze each into a tube shape.  Line them up parallel to one another, about 1″ apart, on the cookie sheet.  Carefully drape strips of bacon over the foil tubes, pushing down gently in between.

Place sheet in oven (not preheated!), set to 400 degrees, and bake for 18-22 minutes.  Allow to cool slightly while still positioned on foil tubes, them remove.  Voila!

Perfectly lovely, wavy bacon.


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