How I Save Money on Groceries in New England

If you’ve ever wondered how I keep the grocery budget in check while living in pricey state like Connecticut, this post is for you.  I spill my secrets over at Money Saving Mom:

When I learned we would be moving from Indiana to Connecticut, one of my biggest fears was this: How will this impact my grocery budget?

Over and over I had read how expensive things were on the East Coast. So many times I had seen comments from New Englanders sighing over how they “couldn’t get those deals” or “match those prices.” Happily, it didn’t take me long to find my groove here and my budget hasn’t had to budge.

So… how can you save money on groceries when you live on the East Coast?

1. Face the facts…


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3 comments to How I Save Money on Groceries in New England

  • earleyml

    Another thing I try to do is combine store coupons with manufacture coupons. I’ve gotten products for less than $1 by doing that. Also, we pretty much by generic unless a coupon makes the name brand the cheaper option. I wish our grocery store gave you $0.05 back for reusable bags since I’ve really started doing that…it would be a nice bonus. This has only happened to me once but one of our larger grocery stores has this scan/bag as you shop options and then you hook the scanner up to a self run registered at the end to pay. Every so many customers they “audit” to make sure people aren’t stealing and if you’re honest, they give you $5 off your purchase. Pretty cool!

  • ok I found you and bookmarked you in my new laptop. What a nuisance all my bookmarks are gone. It kills me all the sites I’ll forget and never find again. Not as much as losing my sweet baby’s 2nd birthday photos, but it still irks me.

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