Fall Decor that Works For Us

My kitchen makes me smile these days.  It looks fall-ish to me.


It makes my kids smile, too.  And that’s just a lovely thing to see.


Of course, yet again– just like last year at the holidays I’m struck with that whole “inferiority complex” that comes over me when I see all the flat-out amazing and adorable things “other mommies” are coming up with for their homes.


But that’s crazy!!  My “fall decor” is just exactly right for my home and my personality.  A fall wreath on the door and a couple little things on my table are more than enough to make us grin and, since I don’t much enjoy schlepping and storing things, this method keeps it simple.


The problem?  People like me?  We don’t really “advertise” what we’re doing.  Why would we?  It’s positively pathetic compared to some of the gorgeousness out there!


But I’m doing it.


Here’s my table:


Those black & white checked placemats with the little pumpkins?  Cast-offs from my grandma.


That little harvest jar?  Dollar store.  (The candy inside?  Free after extra bucks at CVS.)


The scarecrow?  Also dollar store, chosen for me by my six-year-old.


The candle?  A birthday gift (?) from probably ten years ago.  It’s really more of a Spring-y color, but it’s what I had.


So there’s my $2 table decor, none of which I made myself.  Well, I DID pour the candy in. ;)


If you’re super crafty and such?  I’m sorry.  But if you’re not?


You’re welcome.  (And I would LOVE to see or hear about how you’re decorating for the season!)


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