Clean Up, Clean Up…


This one?


She’s something else.  A flirt, an actress, an adventure-seeking fearless wonder.


She’s generally really good during Mass.  The toddler years rank as one of the toughest ages to keep settled and quiet in church, in my opinion, but she does pretty well.


This past Sunday, she’d been a little squirmier than usual.  She’d requested a trip to the potty.  She’d fidgeted.  Nothing awful, mind you, just two-year old stuff.  We were in the “home stretch”, if you will.  Communion was ending.  The priest was clearing the altar, carefully folding cloth, meticulously stacking and arranging.  The communion hymn had ended and an air of respectful silence filled the room.


Until G. started to sing…


“Keen up, keen up… every WHERE!  Keen up, keen up… every BEAR!”


I’m sure Father was mighty appreciative of her Clean Up Song.

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7 comments to Clean Up, Clean Up…

  • Katie

    Oh my, that is cute! She was definately paying attention to what was going on wasn’t she? I’m impressed.

    I’m going off topic here, but I have to say that it is so strange that when I was growing up and being raised in the Catholic church I hardly knew anyone who was Catholic (our church was small). In blog-land Catholics seem to be everywhere! I attend a different church now that I’m an adult, but it is nice to have the Catholic background because I know exactly what you guys are are talking about :)

    • That is so funny to me, Katie, because I feel like I only *know* a handful of Catholic bloggers, yet I read dozens of blogs by women of various protestant faiths (lots of Reformed Baptists, I believe.) Still, the important stuff is common ground, in my opinion. ;) You’re very sweet to note that G. was paying attention– I suppose that’s true! I was so focused on being the “mortified Mommy” that I missed the big picture.

  • Oh you shouldn’t be mortified!! She was completely on topic and appropriate with instructions. I think it’s super that she was helping your priest figure out how to get his work done. :)

  • How sweet!

    When I was about her age. I asked my mom right after communion (loud as could be) why I couldn’t have a potato chip. Of course, this was right at the Easter Vigil Mass, kids always have great timing:)

    • Oh, that’s funny, Nora. I thought of your comment yesterday at Mass when I inadvertently forgot to pack G’s little snacks (really, her breakfast since we go to 7:30am mass!). She walked up to communion with me and I thought, “Oh, man. She’s going to ask for ‘food” when she sees this…” (But she didn’t, surprisingly!) I can definitely see how it could resemble a tasty treat to little eyes, though!

      • I’m glad I could provide a laugh!

        We go to 7:30am Mass as well, how do you make it through with a large family? When we go, it’s all the old people who are not so little kid friendly!

        • Our 7:30 mass is also pretty much all old people. I think we’ve been lucky in that we’re sort of a “novelty” and many of them really do seem to enjoy our little ones. And, in the case of the occasional grumpy glance? I just try to remember that that’s HUMAN judgment and really none of our concern. ;) (I try. In reality, I feel bad, but I do try.)

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