10 Articles of Clothing a Toddler SHOULDN’T Rock

Last week, I shared a list of ten “looks” that are adorable on my daughters, but would be foolish for me.  This week?  Here are ten fashion looks I fully believe should be reserved for the, how shall I say, more mature set.  Take note, department stores: no matter how many ways you try to convince me that lacy lingerie is a viable choice for my little girls, I’m not buying it.


  1. High Heels– I don’t understand the need to stick heels on little girls’ dress shoes and sandals.  What is the point?  Why are we trying to make them taller?  Or make their calves look sexier?  I mean… really???  I don’t get it.  At all.  Seems to me that we’re just begging for falling injuries with these.  (I don’t like flip-flops on toddlers for the same “falling” reason.  It’s not that they look inappropriate, but I think they increase the likelihood of accidents.)
  2. Short Skirts with no “under shorts”– I can be trusted to cross my legs and avoid sticking my feet up in the air.  Toddler girls?  Should not have to be so careful.  And, thus, they should have little shorts or “diaper covers” under there.
  3. Bras– I kid you not: they make bras in sizes that would fit my stick-thin five-year old.  Why???  She does not have anything that needs to be supported or contained.  If a top is too sheer, a little tank top will do just fine.
  4. Black Dresses– I know, I know.  Many people won’t agree with this one but, I can’t help it.  I don’t really like black on tiny little girls.  (Exception: I don’t mind black with some kind of bold pattern on there.  Like polka-dots.)  But there will be so many years where the “little black dress” is the fall-back.  Why not enjoy the years when pastels and brights look darling???
  5. Low-slung Jeans– Truth?  I don’t like to wear these either.  And I actually think there’s a very, very narrow window where these are even appropriate to wear (maybe 18-25, if you’ve never had a baby).  But that’s just me being judgmental about the whole thing. ;)  Nonetheless, little tiny bottoms needn’t be hanging out of their pants.  And very young girls shouldn’t have to worry about bending over or having to hike up their jeans all day.  Higher waistbands look just as cute and they’re more practical.
  6. Fishnet Tights/Stockings– They sell these!  They really do.  And not just at Halloween.  I tend to believe these are best worn for an audience of one (if you get my drift), and there’s no circumstance in which I believe they belong on preschool aged legs…
  7. Makeup– It’s cute when little girls “get into” their mommies’ stashes.  That’s fine.  And I get the whole blush/lipgloss for recitals and things.  But actually wearing lipstick and mascara?  On purpose and out in public?  Again, there are many, many years to play with these things.  No need to start at 3.
  8. Thongs– Again, why??  Why are these even being made and sold?  I guess because people will buy them.  But I won’t.  No siree.  You will never find me buying a thong in the little girls’ department, mark my words.
  9. Leather– With the exception of shoes, I don’t want my little girls wearing leather.  Not only is it pricey, I think it looks too grown up.  They have no need for leather skirts, leather pants, or leather jackets.
  10. Dangly Earrings– My girls’ ears actually are not yet pierced.  But I know opinions definitely vary on the “right” age for that.  I’m not going to get into all that but, until they’re older, I don’t think dangly earrings need to be part of the repertoire.  Just saying.
What do you think?  What articles of clothing are fine for you, but totally inappropriate for your little ones?
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26 comments to 10 Articles of Clothing a Toddler SHOULDN’T Rock

  • Hear! Hear! 100% Correct!

    But you over-looked the most egregious in my opinion. Dresses with sequins, low cut, or miniscule skirts, or see-through or sleazy fabrics or styles that might be acceptable for an adult woman for a cocktail party, but make little girls look like hookers-in-training! Those just make my blood boil! My daughter feels exactly the same. We have both complained to the store managers when there are nothing but totally innappropriate clothing for girls. Conversely, when a store carries age-appropriate and at least somewhat feminine styles we commend the store.

    It gets really bad when you get into the larger sizes (8-16). My 10 year old granddaughter is TALL for her age. Just because she needs a size 14 doesn’t mean she shouldn’t dress like the 10 year old she is! It get’s harder every day!

    Any parent who can’t control what their child wears any better is just pathetic! And that is about the nicest word I could come up with!!

    • And off-the-shoulder tops? Tube tops? Sleeveless shirts? I hear you! I just ran out of numbers. ;) I hear women all the time lament the fact that “there are no cute baby boy clothes!” (which, in my opinion, is totally untrue, by the way.) I always tell these ladies that, even if you feel that way, you get your redemption when they get into “big kid” sizes. Boys’ clothes don’t get so “sleazy” and, for the most part, boys are more willing to just let you pick out what they wear for longer. :)

  • This is so funny. I was just shopping with my friend who was buying a bunch of black for her 2nd grader. I thought it was crazy inappropriate and in my mind I was screaming “when did I become my mother?!!?” I always wanted black, she always said no and now here I am agreeing with her! ha ha
    Oh and crack showing is not ok even if you’re under 25 and never had a baby. NO CRACK! on any gender, at any age, of any size!

    • Oh, CRACK showing is never, ever, ever okay. (Well, it’s okay on a baby/toddler… ’cause, well, they’re BABIES.) Hmm… second grade is an interesting age. I’m not there yet, so I don’t know how I’ll feel about lots of black. But I definitely can say it’s not my preference for the tiny ones! :)

  • You know what else really bothers me on Reese’s preschool classmates: bare midriffs. However I don’t mind 2 piece swimsuits, so I guess that’s me being hypocritical.

    • I don’t think that’s hypocritical at all, Heather– there’s a big difference between the beach and the classroom! Now, if you don’t mind two piece swimsuits in CLASS, now THAT would be hypocritical. ;)

  • I agree completely, when Grace was alive, I used to wonder how in the world I was going to dress her past age 2, since most of what I saw was so inappropriate! I have alot of friends who buy their daughter’s clothes in the boy dept. You did leave out short shorts or tight sweats with words across the behind! Can’t stand that!

  • I saw a wonderful 16 year old girl this weekend–smart, polite, does great in school, just what you’d want in a teen daughter–and she was wearing a dress that made me think that if she sneezed her nipples would pop out–and what really confused me is that she was with her mom who has wonderful taste and is one of those moms who really, usually, does her job.

  • Maybe your distaste for black dresses is more universal that you think. For my wedding I had all the bridesmaids and flower girl wear a black dress – they got to pick it out from anywhere. My sister had an awful time finding one for my niece.

  • Marcia

    I have to disagree with you about the low slung pants – Boo HATES having her pants up at her waist, and I have to buy her bikini underwear (at four!!!!!). Hip hugging styles are the only way I can get her to wear jeans at all. HOWEVER – I don’t think she owns a single top that doesn’t hit at least her hip bones, so it’s not obvious to anyone but me. She doesn’t like to wear anything tight, so a trick I’ve used is to buy capris with an elastic waist in a couple sizes larger – the legs are the right length and they aren’t so tight you can read the date on the coins in her pocket!

    • You definitely have to find what works! And, as you pointed out, she’s wearing long tops, so it’s not such an issue. I’m quite certain my 5yo couldn’t keep low-cut pants UP, so we’ve never even attempted it. ;)

  • Kelley

    What is going on out there in fashion world?? After 2 boys, I had a daughter and she is currently 17 months old. WE have yet to really venture out there in the girls department and from the sounds of things, I won’t be all that eager!!!The one thing I did say to my hubby after we purchased little girl’s first dress complete with diaper cover was “may be they should make these diaper covers in all sizes to include those adults that think a micro mini is a solid idea”! Sorry but I just had to put that out there. Looks like I have a LOT of learning to do about this girl clothing stuff! Great tips!

  • My twins, 10, don’t have pierced ears yet. I figured until they can take care of their own earings (keep them clean and won’t yank them out), I wouldn’t do it. And now they aren’t begging, so we haven’t done it.

    And the low slung pant thing- ugh! It’s so hard to find pants or shorts that fit right. Pants hang too low. Shorts are too short. My girls are very thin, which makes it harder to find anything that fits on them and I won’t have them looking like tiny you-know-whats.

    Good blog post! :)

    • My girls are very thin too, Amanda. They wear a LOT of leggings and tunic length tops as a result. And dresses. :) (I have always felt that I wouldn’t consider piercing my daughters’ ears until THEY bring it up– but that’s just me. :))

  • This post is the for all the moms in toddlers and Tiaras ;)! I often think that my daughter is an extension of me and I also want her to dress modestly. There are so many cute girly toddler clothes out there that we really do have a lot of appropriate choices.

    • You are very, very right, Miranda– there ARE a lot of cute girly toddler clothes that are appropriate! I will say that it gets more challenging– though far from impossible– to find nice, appropriate things as girls get older and move into the bigger departments. Size 4-6X is still pretty easy, but 7-14? Goodness, gracious. I’m not looking forward to it!

  • My daughter is almost 4, and my husband and I are always talking about what’s appropriate and what’s not (esp. as she gets older). She’s super-thin, so many of her clothes still fit her even if they’re too short – so dresses become shirts or pants become capris. It’s hard trying to keep her from showing her undies, though, so I almost always layer.

    Little girls are dressed more and more like little teenagers these days – and not tasteful ones, either. I try to get most of my clothes secondhand so I’m not spending a lot, but there are quite a few hand-me-downs I’ve gotten rid of because the shorts or skirts were just way too short.

    I actually don’t like 2-piece bathing suits for girls. I think it’s in the same vein as making them tiny versions of adults. If you don’t like midriff-baring tops, why wear a midriff-baring bathing suit?

    They make thongs for little girls?!

    • It sounds like you and I have similar issues, Karla. My older daughter, the 5yo, is super thin. Thin to the point that 4T underpants FALL OFF of her. But the 2/3T ones are too short; her little crack isn’t fully covered, quite frankly. It’s hard! You’re right– layering can be your friend when you have a skinny-mini. :)

      As far as swimsuits… I didn’t mention them in my post because I, personally, have mixed views. Do I want to see a skimpy bikini of a little girl? Of course not. But I confess that I’m not really bothered or offended by a cute tankini or a more modest halter and brief-cut bottoms (bonus points if there are ruffles on the bottom– whether one or two-piece! ;)) I know some people have the same standards for pool- and street-wear, but I can’t say I’m one of them. My own swimsuit (a Lands End skirted tankini), while in no way skimpy, is most certainly more revealing than anything I’d wear to, say, the grocery store. I totally respect parents who choose to not put their little girls in two-piece suits. But, for me, it’s less offensive than, say, those thongs I mentioned! (Here’s an article about those kid-sized thongs: http://money.cnn.com/2002/05/22/news/companies/abercrombie/ I don’t want to link to the retailer… they don’t deserve the traffic. :( )

      • I do agree with you on the bathing suit issue – I don’t think it’s as offensive as some of the other articles of clothing, but I didn’t want to start personally rating the levels of offense. Hehe. I think a lot of the girl bathing suits are cute, but some of the styles do bother me (I think it’s more on the older, but still young girls – “tweens”). Of course, bathing suits in general are more revealing than every day wear, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like underwear. I *never* show my legs unless I’m wearing a bathing suit – but that’s because I don’t want to wear pants in the water! :) I remember a girl in my junior high class – skinny, could wear anything – she said, “what’s the big deal with underwear showing? It’s pretty much the same thing as a bathing suit.” Well, maybe she had a point. So many things are a matter of opinion, and each case is different. Some people can “get away” with things while they just don’t work for others. It just makes my job all that more interesting as a parent!

        • I mentioned a post I read one day to my husband– it was entitled “At What Age Is a Two-Piece Swimsuit Okay?” He laughed and said, “Um, two? But then it’s not okay a few years after that.” And I think that he was kind of on the same point as you, there… it’s often more the “in-between” ages where it gets kind of iffy. Anyway, it’s definitely a big topic and one that has lots of angles and elements to it! :)

  • Hannah's mommy

    I love this post, I so agree with you. Why are we in such or rush to make our daugthers grow up. Seriously some of the clothes that you see in the stores some times makes me wonder what was the person thinking when they design it or should I say smoking.

    • Oh, Hannah, I agree– what’s the rush? And what’s scary to me is that I have frequently heard mothers remark on how “cute” it is to see little girls in these grown-up fashions. I just don’t get it. :(

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