Road Trip Bags

I am neither particularly patient nor crafty.  I’m also not exactly willing to drop our hard-earned cash on impulsive entertainment for the kids.


But I am pretty fun.  And resourceful. ;)


We’re heading up to the Massachusetts shore tomorrow morning to stay overnight with some dear friends.  It’s not a LONG trip– just over three hours– but, while that seems like a delightful opportunity to me to sing along to the radio and chat with my man, it can be a long time for our children who are 6, 5, and 2.


What’s that you say?  The DVD player that came in our minivan?  Yeah, we won’t be using that.  I never wanted the thing in the first place.  You can call me crazy, but that’s just the way it is.


Here’s what I’ll be handing out as we set off on our adventure…


I always hang on to those plastic bags that new sheets and pillowcases come in.  I love that they’re sturdy and the zippers or snaps are pretty easy for little hands.  Oh, and they’re free.  Another perk.


I decorated these with some hand-me-down foam stickers from my sister and then set about filling them.  Each contains:

  • a fun snack (I scored these on a phenomenal deal shared by Jungle Deals & Steals.)
  • a couple sheets of lined paper for drawing, story writing, license-plate-game-recording, etc.
  • two crayons (From a box of 25 cent crayons I bought who-knows-when– I made sure to pick fave colors for each.)
  • a sheet of shiny stickers (these were left over from something or other– but I had 3 sheets so that’s perfect!)
  • a Matchbox car
  • a small toy animal (I scavenged around in a never-used corner of the playroom for the cars and animals… they’ll think they’re new!)


Total cost?  Well, those little Gripz bags worked out to about 20 cents each, so I guess that would be 60 cents for the three bags.  Not bad!


What do you like to pack to keep little hands busy on road trips?


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2 comments to Road Trip Bags

  • Nice idea! I do something similar to visits to the doctor and such.

  • Celine

    I have yet to turn on a dvd in the car and we take 3hr road trips a few times a year. As long as the kids are fed, have access to a cup of water and we stop for a break 1/2 way there it all goes smoothly. Growing up we use to do 5hr road trips with no media options and it went smoothly.

    Still don’t understand why people play dvd’s for their kids while driving around town. It becomes very distracting for other drivers

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