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I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at Jessica’s latest ebook– the highly anticipated and newly revised (okay, I just wanted to sound all cool there ;)) Organizing Life as MOM.  Jam-packed with all sorts of tools to help us get our acts together, this ebook is simply full of tools to make planning and organizing the days a little simpler.


I joked a bit on Facebook that immersing myself in reading an organizational guide had shamed me encouraged me enough to get my rear in gear and tackle the disaster area that we called a master bedroom.  Seriously, it had gotten ugly.  Somehow, what should have been a peaceful haven for my man and me had turned into the dumping grounds for:

  • kid books and things they dragged in the morning
  • bags/boxes of things that needed to go in the attic (the access is through our closet ceiling)
  • stock-piled birthday and Christmas gifts
  • oodles of change/notes/paperwork from my husband’s job that accumulated on our dresser
  • etc…


It was really sad.  And overwhelming.  In fact (close your eyes, Mom), it looked a little something (okay, exactly) like this:


And, um, also this:

Ugh.  Honestly, it was so much easier to just close the door.  The general concept of “Clean the Master Bedroom” had become so daunting that I didn’t even want to think about it.  Far easier to vacuum and tidy some other space than venture in there.


What Jessica’s ebook did for me was to break it down.  All of a sudden, I was armed with a list of tasks to tackle.  Wash sheets?  Yeah, I could do that.  (For the record, that’s a chore I had actually kept up on, despite the appearance of the room in question, but I digress…)  Wash towels and bath mat?  Sure.  Clean a mirror?  Of course.  Having little “bites” to take instead of a giant, choking mouthful made it seem achievable.  And it didn’t just seem achievable…



It WAS achievable.*


Now, maybe you don’t have such a terrible disaster area in your home.   Perhaps what you struggle with is plotting out a meal plan in a way that works for your family.  Or maybe it’s a challenge to keep track of holiday plans– gifts, timelines, etc.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses and the beauty of this ebook is that– no matter what’s holding you back from feeling like you’ve “got it together”, there’s something there to help you.  Me?  I’ve got menu planning down to a science.   I really don’t need help in that department.  Obviously, though, I benefitted from a little hand-holding when it came to the cleaning element of keeping a home!


I do not consider myself scatter-brained or organizationally challenged at all… but this is a resource that will certainly help me stay on track as I navigate my very own Life as MOM.


So go.  Now.  Get thee over there to Jessica’s site and check it out.  It’s available to everyone now!  She also has some super add-on packs to help you organize your life as a homeschooler or life as a blogger, too.  I definitely plan to put the latter into place and I’ll be sure to let you know how/if it works for me!


(*The change to our room is truly dramatic.  My husband thought we had either been robbed or I was pregnant (I am NOT.)  It’s so lovely now, we both want to spend a whole lot of time in there.  And, well, that’s not a bad thing for our marriage either. ;)  So let’s just say this book is helping my Life as WIFE, too.)


(Also, I am an affiliate for the sale of this ebook.  Should you decide that it’s something you could benefit from– and I really do believe you will– I will earn a couple bucks.  All opinions and experiences are 100% completely and totally accurate and mine!)
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5 comments to Organizing MY Life as MOM

  • What an amazing difference! I love before and after photos. They always inspire me. Plus it is great to see another mom who’s house is a mess! (Or at least part of it.) Honestly, we all have those hot spots that attract clutter. It is great when we are open about it instead of pretending we’ve got it all together 100% of the time.

    I love what you said about breaking things down in order to get them accomplished. I tend to get so overwhelmed, thinking that something is going to take me FOREVER or simply not knowing where to start. I started reading a really funny blog called She always starts with the easy stuff first. So simple yet so important for a closet slob like myself. It sounds like that is exactly what you did in your bedroom.

    • As easy as it was to shut the door to our room in the house, it was even easier to keep it all swept behind closed doors when it came to my online persona! But I’ve never been one to claim I had a perfectly clean, tidy home. I don’t. And I’m really okay with that. But, ooh boy, the bedroom had just become a “temporary” dumping ground that wasn’t temporary enough. So glad to have conquered that sucker! :) (I’ve seen your links to Nony’s site before– she’s very funny and engaging!)

  • Sadly, your bedroom’s got NUTHIN’ on my bedroom. DISASTER. Not even gonna take pictures until I get some of it cleaned up. THEN I’ll take “before” photos. LOL

    Make me do that next week, will ya? LONG overdue.

  • [...] mother-in-law is coming in just a few short weeks! (Probably a good thing I resolved that bedroom issue, eh?) Anyhow, I’m so looking forward to seeing her again. It’s been almost eight months! [...]

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