Menu Plan: 8/14 – Eye of the Storm


I spent last week getting ready for our weekend away on the Massachusetts shore– which was lovely, by the way–  and that was much of my focus.  Next week, my sweet mother-in-law will be here, so that will be my focus!  But this week?  This week is our last “no-plans” week before the school year starts back up.  This is the eye of the storm! :)


B-Cinnamon Rolls (that I whipped up at 11 PM at our friends’ house!), Egg Bake (made by G’s godfather- delish!)
L-Taco Bell on the road  (This would up being the slowest “fast” food I’ve ever encountered…)
D-Mac & Cheese w/ Broccoli & Ham


B-PB Raisin Oatmeal w/ Choc Chips, Milk
L-P, B, & J, Oranges, Water
D-Spinach & Mushroom Quesadillas with fresh salsa
B-Yogurt Coffee Cake, Applesauce, Milk
L-Noodles, Cheese, Raisins, Water
D-Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole


B-Yogurt Coffee Cake, Raisins, Milk
L-Cheese Quesadillas, Apples, Water
D-Chicken Nuggets, Peas & Carrots, Garlic Toast


B-C/S Toast, String Cheese, Juice
L-Hot Dogs, Rice, Green Beans
D-Chicken Noodles w/ extra carrots (I’m raising some serious carrot lovers around here…)


B-Strawberry Banana Smoothies, Toast
D-Mushroom & Pepper Pizza


B-Cinnamon Rolls, Scrambled Eggs, Strawberries
L-Macaroni, Hot Dogs, Fruit
D-Chicken Noodles Soup, Homemade Cheesy Biscuits


And that’s that!  My MIL is arriving on Saturday afternoon but, since I’m not sure what time they’ll actually get back to the house, I’m sticking with an easy, homey supper of soup and biscuits– I’m hoping it’ll hit the spot after a day of travelling.  Last week’s pizza feast with our friends was a huge hit!  Between my homemade crust and their fresh herbs and tomatoes right from the garden, it was delish!


What are you serving up this week?


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2 comments to Menu Plan: 8/14 – Eye of the Storm

  • pb rasisin oatmeal sounds awesome. will u please email me how u make it?
    i’d love if you stopped by my new blog and checked out my Menu Plan
    Cooking with Cristin

    • Hi Cristin! To make the PB Raisin Oatmeal, I put my old-fashioned oats and water in a pan, bring it to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. After about five minutes, I drizzle a little honey in. I drop in a big spoonful of PB and a generous handful of raisins. I continue cooking that for just a couple of minutes, until the PB is all melted and the raisins are warmed through. (The raisins may also plump up a bit.) I dish it into bowls and sprinkle a dozen or so chocolate chips on top. My kids love to stir and swirl the chocolate in and they devour! Between the oats and the PB, it’s a REALLY filling breakfast and the kids love the treat of a little choc for breakfast. ;)

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