Meals for My Mother-in-Law

My mother-in-law is coming in just a few short weeks!  (Probably a good thing I resolved that bedroom issue, eh?)  Anyhow, I’m so looking forward to seeing her again.  It’s been almost eight months!  Mothers-in-law really get a bad rap too often, I do believe.  The French term for “mother-in-law” is “belle-mère“; with “belle” translating as “beautiful” and “mère” as “mother”, that’s a much lovelier way of looking at it now, isn’t it?


The last time she visited, my sweet mother-in-law paid me such a wonderful compliment when she revealed to my husband that, because of my good cooking and well-behaved children, she hadn’t had a bit of heartburn during her stay.  I was so flattered!  I also feel the need to live up to that reputation ;).  So, during this stay, here are ten things I want to be sure to make for her:

  1. Blueberry Cream Muffins — These are her favorite and somehow I neglected to bake them on her last visit here!  Seriously, it is with these muffins that I “paid” her for watching my older two when I gave birth to my youngest.
  2. Batter-Dipped Chicken Sandwiches — This is my most frequently visited recipe on this site for a reason.  They are yummy and universally appealing.
  3. Homemade Ravioli – Growing up in Boston, she had the opportunity to experience real, authentic Italian food.  Now, living in a small Midwest town, well, it’s not the same.  I love you tiny Midwest towns, I really do… but your version of Italian isn’t exactly what the real Italians are serving up out here.
  4. Chocolate Almond Granola — She insists boxed cold cereal fills her up better than oatmeal.  I just can’t see how it’s possible!  I’m thinking this might be a happy compromise.
  5. Pizza — Aw, how happy I was when she ate seconds of my homemade pizza!  Pizza and a movie night is extra special with Grandma here.
  6. Flavored Coffee — Okay, this is not any real recipe, but I will definitely be brewing up some flavored decaf while she’s here.  One thing I share with both my own mother and my mother-in-law is a love of flavored coffee.  While I drink mine black and she adds milk to hers, we always enjoy both a morning and mid-afternoon cup together!
  7. Kate’s Crescent Rolls — Here’s the deal:  every single holiday, my mother-in-law is asked to bring the rolls.  Her rolls are DELICIOUS.  They’re also huge, which makes them fabulous for piling on ham or turkey into awesome sandwiches.  Anyway, because of this, I was kind of tentative when I served up my Pigs in Blankets last visit.  But she was so impressed with those rolls, she asked for the recipe.  High praise from the Roll Queen of the family!
  8. Poor Man’s Chicken Parmesan — This one’s so easy to toss together ahead of time, but still serves up pretty.  Not too spicy, but still flavorful, it’s a good way of pleasing all the palettes that will be at our table.
  9. Black Raspberry Scones — I still have some of my wild black raspberries in my freezer and I think these would be a lovely afternoon treat for with that coffee!
  10. Fajitas — I know my mother-in-law will enjoy these and they are something that she won’t make for herself.  I should have some lovely things from the garden to add to them and that will make them all the better!
I truly can’t wait for her visit.  I know that the kids will be thrilled to see her– and vice versa.  I’m also looking forward to spoiling her a bit and, hopefully, keeping her trip completely heartburn-free. :)
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