Lining Up Bread for Sandwiches

This is one of those tips that, if it’s something you’re already doing, will seem like the most ridiculous idea for a post ever.  BUT, if you’re not, you’ll wonder why you weren’t already.  So bear with me.  On the off-chance that even one of you hasn’t figured this out yet, here’s how to make sandwich making a little easier:


When you get your two slices of bread for each sandwich, open them like a book.

Like this!!

NOT like this!!

(Whether store-bought, as pictured here, or homemade, the process is the same.)  Then you can add your toppings, spread your condiments, etc.  When you put them back together, they will “line up”.

This is particularly handy with wet or sticky filling like PB&J, tuna, or egg salad.   It’s also good when making a grilled cheese since the cheese is better contained.


That’s that!  Sounds silly, right?  I hate to tell you how many years it took before I adopted this method.  Will anyone notice if the bread doesn’t line up?

Maybe not.  But this method of sandwich-making works for me!

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