Fewer Baby Bed Linens to Wash

I have a (mostly) potty-trained young two-year old.  She is still happily sleeping in her crib and I’m in no hurry to rush her out of there.  As a result, I feel it would almost cruel to expect her to sleep in underpants for 12+ hours at night and stay dry.  She wears a pull-up then.  I would be okay with her wearing one at nap-time too, but she has made it clear that she feels otherwise.  Okie dokie.  Most days, she wakes up from her 2  – 2 1/2 hour nap perfectly dry but, well, there are always those days…


We have a waterproof mattress pad for our crib.  We’ve had it since our first baby.  It’s plush on one side (the “top”) and plastic-y on the other.  That plastic layer keeps any icky wetness from seeping through to the mattress.  Cool.  But here’s where my lazy side shows itself:


It’s still a pain in the neck to wash that mattess pad over and over.  


While crib sheets take up but a whisper of space in the laundry, that darn pad is bulky.  I’m glad it’s protecting the mattress, but I’m tired of washing IT.


So here’s what I do.

I flip it over.  While we’re in this “training” season, I simply flip it seam-side out, with the plastic-y layer on top and the plushiness underneath.  G. still sleeps just fine and, should she have an accident, I strip the sheet, give the pad a quick wipe, and we’re good to go.  Easy peasy.  Or lazy daisy.  Whatever you want to call it.  It works for me.  :)

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10 comments to Fewer Baby Bed Linens to Wash

  • Great tip! I’m slowly getting into potty training with my two year old. I’m starting with a couple of hours of diaper-less time. She has only gone on the potty once and I hope she’ll get the hang of it soon. I’m waiting for her to be ready but I’m always up for any tips people have for me :).

    • I know your little one just recently turned 2, but it sounds like she’s a great little communicator. Just follow her cues and keep it low-key at this point (sounds like you are!)… My best tip is to not ever let anyone else try to tell you there’s a “right” age. There simply isn’t. It will vary from kid to kid and is nothing to worry about. :)

  • earleyml

    Miranda – We started doing the few hours of diaper-less time but our daughter started holding it until we put a diaper back on her. So we had to go completely diaperless all the time. It was messy and took about 4 days but she got the hang of it after those 4 days. She’s even in daycare full time and our center worked with us on it. She hasn’t worn a diaper since early July and stays dry during nap and nightime. My main tip is whatever you decide to do, stay consistant.

    • I completely agree with this tip– consistency is key. I, personally, don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with waiting until you’re BOTH ready to take on the challenge. But, once you do, you need to be willing to put in some time, effort, and a few messy days. ;)

  • Colleen

    Genius. As usual :)

  • Great tip! As husband and I practiced cloth-diapering our teddy bear yesterday in preparation for our upcoming baby, I realized just how terrible of a diaper folder I am and how often in the first weeks I’ll likely be washing those sheets. Love this tip!

  • Our mattress is plastic coated. When we were buying that was all I could find and I thought it would make noise (crinkly sounds) or be uncomfortable. Then I actually put a baby on it and discovered it is awesome! Sheet in the laundry, quick wipe and we’re back in business. We only have flannel and that fuzzy velvety feeling sheets because I was afraid the plastic coating would be too cool. It’s worked out perfectly.

    • Our first two were SO close together that we actually have 2 crib mattresses. (Well, one is on loan, but you get what I’m saying.) That one is plastic coated. But the first one we bought? For our first born? I’m embarrassed to admit how pricey that sucker was– some Serta plush pillow-top fancy pants job. It seems comfy, but it’s not as practical! ;)

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