Isn’t That Why I’m Washing My Hands???



I’ve been seeing lots of giveaways pop up around the blogosphere for this new product: the Lysol Healthy Touch No-Touch Hand Soap System.

Okey dokie.  I’ve seen the ads for it on TV, too, but I’d kind of forgotten about it until the giveaways started showing up throughout my Twitter stream.


Here’s the general, very abbreviated, idea:


When you wash your filthy dirty hands, you touch the soap pump and, thus, transfer all kinds of germs and ickiness, thereby contaminating the pump.  This new “sensor” pump of Lysol’s eliminates the “touching” part and, as a result, cuts down on the germiness.


Okay.  I can follow that.  I have absolutely no doubt that the pump part of my soap dispenser is littered with yuckiness.  Here’s where you lose me though…


Why do I care?  Seriously?  I only touch the soap pump when I am truly right on the verge of washing my hands.  I can honestly think of no time I am less concerned with getting my hands icky.  I could understand if this is something I’d need to touch AFTER washing up (like the faucet, for example), but the soap pump?  Who cares?


I don’t.  Not one bit.  I just wonder if I’m the only who’s content with my germ-y pump.


What do you think?  Unnecessary product or genius idea? 

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21 comments to Isn’t That Why I’m Washing My Hands???

    • Heather wisely pointed out on Twitter that it’s good for special needs children who can’t physically manipulate the pump… and that sounds like a great application! But, yeah, for the rest of us? Who cares? :)

  • earleyml

    Doesn’t make sense to me either. My work installed the automatic soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers back when the swine flu was this huge ordeal. However, we still had to touch the faucet and the germy doors to leave the bathroom so did it really help? Maybe if you’re like me and use the paper towel to turn off the water and open the door but seriously how many people do that?!?

    • I got in that habit when I was volunteering at a nursing home back in college and it was policy but, you’re right, for the most part we touch germy stuff all the time right after washing up. I just don’t really care if my hands get dirty prior to washing. ;)

  • Jennifer

    I think it’s ridiculous. Kinda like the new Cottonelle Roll Covers. Why in the world would you want to use that?!

  • The original idea related to cost control. You’d get a measured amount of soap or towels, in public washrooms to help prevent waste. It also “helped” with clean up….no icky soap smeared all over the container.

    Plus all you have to do in some circles is say the word “germs” and some germ-phobic people go screaming in the other direction.

    Another instance of not knowing there was a need until some manufacturer saw an opportunity to make money on a totally unnecessary product and the gullible rush out to buy it!

    • Now, from a business standpoint, cost control makes total sense to me. And these things don’t faze me out in public restrooms. (Though I’m gonna go right ahead and admit that I’m about 20X more likely to make a mess with the soap with those automated things. I always wind up putting my hand in the wrong place. ;))

  • I actually just reviewed one of these and after using it, I still agree whole-heartedly with your sentiments. Isn’t the soap supposed to wash off whatever germs touch my hand when I touch the pump? I have found that it’s nice to have because my potty-training son finds washing his hands super fun with the automatic dispenser, but otherwise, we could live without it quite easily :)

    • I can totally believe that kids find these things awesome and intriguing! And there IS value in that, for sure. I’m just tired of this company trying to make people scared of their soap pumps. ;)

  • In a society that is also selling disposable hand towels for your HOME bathroom, this product is genius. It fits right it.

    *eye roll*

  • Honestly I never even thought about it, but you’re dumb! Also if I was bothered by my pump getting yuck on it I could always wash it off. Now the things that aren’t moveable to be washed like the door handle of the public restroom–that I would like to be automatic.

    • Totally agree about the door handles. Not all of them can be shoved open with an arm or shoulder and, really, I’m totally icked out by the people who don’t even BOTHER to wash their hands…

  • Lori

    According to a germaphobe friend…if you don’t wash your hands for long enough then it won’t kill all the germs. But if you are that worried about it, then you are probably washing your hands long enough. I don’t see a point myself and don’t have any plans on getting one. Germaphobe friend has one at every sink, lol.

  • I struggle with germ phobia, but have no intention of getting one of these for home use. I do sometimes find them comforting when I’m in a public restroom, though – right up there with automatic-flush toilets, automatic faucets, and hand towel dispensers. However, even to me, they do seem unnecessary (whereas those other things make more sense to me). Comforting to my psycho brain, but unnecessary. I guess it is a little icky to think that I’m getting even more germs on my hands when I touch a soap dispenser – more germs to have to wash off – ewww! But unless the germs on there are super sticky, they will probably wash off with all the other germs anyway. Excuse me, I have to go wash my hands now… ;)

    • I think I’m pretty low-key about germs, so that may definitely factor in, Mandy. I do appreciate automated faucets at public restrooms… I just dearly wish all the doors were easily opened hands-free. But, really, what I worry most about are all the people who just up and skip out of washing hands. (ewwww…) Hope your hands are squeaky clean now… didn’t mean to give you the heebie jeebies! ;)

      • Oh, no, you didn’t give me the heebie jeebies – I’ve had them for years. But seriously, I wish I was low-key on germs like you. Maybe if I just choose to be… but it’s not quite that easy. And yeah – when people don’t wash their hands… My husband was at a faculty day last week and was using the restroom when he heard a guy enter, use the urinal, flush it, and leave – WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

  • i have OCD and i thought that this was genious..until i bought it and had to continuously wave my hand under it to get th soap..and i always managed to drip some on the counter. not the best product. i agree with the people above about liking them in restrooms. people are filthy. youd be suprised at how many people admit to not wahing their hands. i avoid restrooms unless its an emergency or when i was pregnant and couldnt i however carry a packet of disposable potty liners as well as wet ones and hand sanitizer. i hate touching the doors but most bathrooms now have the blow dryers instead of towels. so i atleast have a way to reclean my hands after opening a door.

    • I think public restrooms are a whole different story, for sure! And, yes, I do know that FAR too many people don’t wash up. *shudders* Smart of you to carry along a way to clean your hands AFTER the door contact!

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