How a Nagging Thought Left Me $15 Richer

When I got home from my walk this morning, I did one of my favorite things:  I sat down with my coffee cup and perused the latest posts and Facebook updates from some of my favorite people.  This screaming deal shared by Crystal immediately caught my eye.


Two pairs of jeans for $15?  And she had good things to say about them?  Sold.  I popped over to the Target site and, while the color wasn’t my favorite for denim, I reminded myself that they were a phenomenal deal.  I consulted the size charts (because these are junior’s sizes, people, and that means that– at least in my case– I need to add a size or two on to my usual).


Two pairs of jeans?  In my cart.  Couldn’t beat it!


And then I hesitated.


A nagging thought came creeping through my brain…


I don’t need jeans.


But they’re only $7.50!  And you’ll need jeans eventually!


What if your size changes?  Or the style?


My fingers hovered over the keyboard.


It’s only $15.


I don’t need jeans.  And there have been times that fifteen dollars have made a very significant difference in the life of my family.  I can make fifteen dollars stretch into a whole mess of meals if need be.  And, even if there is not a need for that, fifteen dollars could do a lot for someone else.  Or, closer to home, it could bring a ton of joy to my children in the form of an ice cream date or dollar store treat or…


You get my point.


It was just fifteen dollars.  But it’s fifteen dollars that’s staying in my bank account.  Because, for me, the better deal is using it to meet the real needs or bring delight to those I love.


Just because it’s an amazing deal (and it is!), doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for me.


So, for anyone else who might be needing the 9 longs, they’re still there for you.


As for me, I’m already planning a back-to-school charity run.  My kids can’t WAIT.


(**If you need jeans, these are a fantastic deal.  If you want to buy them for gifts, that’d be great too.  If you know it’s your fave cut/wash/brand/etc, by all means– stock up!   I have no issue whatsoever with any of that.  For me, it’s just not a “jeans-buying” kind of day. :))
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17 comments to How a Nagging Thought Left Me $15 Richer

  • You are so smart. I often want to buy things online on a whim but knowing I’ll first have to ask my hubby and then get his credit card, just makes it more of a hassle ;). Good thing I don’t have my own credit card, hey :).

  • Courtney

    Good job, you! I find it hard to pass up a good deal, but telling others about it online makes it easier. Also, I love the Dollar Tree charity event! I’m sharing that w/ my FB friends now. Makes me look forward to Christmas!

    • I love it too, Courtney! Such an easy way to give and so tangible for the children, too. They run a back-to-school campaign for Operation Homefront every year too, but I learned yesterday that that was over in July. We will definitely be doing the Christmas one again this year, though. :)

  • Great post! Thanks for the reminder! Love your statement: “Because, for me, the better deal is using it to meet the real needs or bring delight to those I love.” Think I may actually write that on a slip of paper and put it in my wallet ;)

  • Heather Smith

    I almost bought these jeans for my daughter. She liked them and they had the “short” length she needed and they were well priced. The thing was she already has plenty of pairs of jeans and we mostly wear dresses. Then I thought I could save them for when her other jeans wear out or for Christmas, but that nagging voice told me to close out my shopping cart. I felt such relief after doing so. I knew that the Lord would provide either a great deal or the money to buy more jeans when my daughter actually needed them. Now if my daughter needed them, I would have jumped on that deal and felt thankful for it. That nagging voice was the Lord, though, telling me to be a good steward of His money and not buy those jeans this time. Thanks for the encouragement. I wasn’t the only one! ;-)

    • Oh, I loved reading your experience, Heather! And I can TOTALLY relate to that feeling of relief. That’s how I *knew* I’d made the right choice. Otherwise, we would have felt regret, right? ;) I felt glad to not have spent the money so I can better use it, and also that I didn’t snatch up something I didn’t need when there may be someone out there who could really, really use a great deal on jeans right now. And this: “I knew that the Lord would provide either a great deal or the money to buy more jeans when my daughter actually needed them.” is perfect. I think more of us need to adopt that mindset rather than feeling like if we don’t get in on this one deal right now, we’re going to miss out forever…

  • Laura

    Thanks for sharing! I did end up buying these, but I have thought on occasion that sometimes I might just be buying because it’s a great deal, not because it’s something I actually need.

    I’ve thought of getting rid of my debit card so that I have to use my husband’s (after asking him when he gets home) for online purchases. I think I’d spend a lot less that way.

    • Miranda (earlier in the comments) mentioned something like that- did you happen to notice? She uses her husband’s card which means she has to pause and ask– I think that would slow most of us down! :)

  • Tiffany

    I did the same thing the other day with a skirt online through JC Penney. I have several nice jean skirts, (I wear skirts or dresses only, so they are my equivalent to jeans) but they had a super cute one for 30 dollars, plus I had a 20% off coupon and free shipping. I had it in my cart to buy, but took it out because I don’t need it, I just wanted it. I was sooo glad I did after the fact. It’s just habit for me to buy stuff with coupons because “it’s a great deal!” and I am breaking myself of that habit. Reading your post has inspired me to continue my quest of breaking the “great deal” cycle! :-)

  • Claire

    EXACTLY! This is why I often pass up grocery and toiletry deals….there is only so much toothpaste and pasta my hubby & I can eat!! I will stock up on seasonal produce though…there’s usually only once a year those deals come in!

    The problem with stocking up & not using is, like you are getting at, if you had bought the $15 of jeans & not used them, it would be like putting $15 in cash in your closet & then leaving it there. I view over-stocking up on groceries the same way…it’s like there is $50 extra sitting in my pantry that I won’t use for at least a year. Why do that?? You made the smart decision.

  • I do the exact same thing! I’ve saved a lot of money.

  • I actually fell for this deal a few months ago… I like Target’s jeans, and I would wear them, so I figured why not? I bought a pair for $7.50. Well, not being able to try them on was a bad idea, and they ended up being too small. But I was able to pass them on to a coworker of mine who is hard pressed for cash, and not only did they fit her perfectly but they became her favorite jeans. She wears them every day and thanks me every day! So even though I lost the cash, it was worth it in the end to make someone else so happy! But I’ve become much more hesitant about buying things (especially clothes) online, and generally wait 24 hours or so to make sure I really want something and it’s not just an impulse buy.

  • We just had this conversation with my 9 year old. She is so proud of the couponing and great deals I get. In the last 2 years I have been able to afford to treat them to things I have never been able to in the past. But, we wanted her to understand it’s only a good deal if you actually need the item. And, if you get every good deal you will end up spending more then you save,

    • This is so true! If you don’t need it, you’re still spending more money, even if it’s a stellar deal. That’s great that you’re having those conversations with your daughter. You’re helping set her up for success!

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