Flavored Yogurt

For, oh, over a year now, I’ve really only purchased “plain yogurt” for at our home.  It’s what I cook with, bake with, and substitute for sour cream.  It’s what I use in smoothies and, yes, it’s what I serve up in a dish to my children.  They’re pretty good sports about it and enjoy the plain stuff, particularly with a little honey and/or sweet fruit.  But occasionally, only occasionally, my middle child would mention, “Mommy, I miss the pink yogurt.  Remember the pink yogurt?”


Ah, yes.  The “pink yogurt.”  The strawberry Yoplait that used to be a staple in my fridge.    I just don’t even think to buy anything but “plain” anymore and, really, we don’t need the added sugar anyhow.  But pink yogurt?  Really not too much to ask for.  Added to that, my super-awesome-eater of a six-year old turns into Mr. Fussypants if chunks of strawberries show up in his yogurt.  So I got to thinking…


Fair warning that this qualifies more as a “method” than a “recipe”, but I’ve used this trick innumerable times now and it’s a big hit around here.  When my kids start craving “pink” or “lavender” or “sweet” yogurt, I simply combine the following in my blender:


  • 2 cups plain yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons jam (I typically use homemade)


That’s it.  It’s sweet.  It’s fruity.  It doesn’t contain big chunks.  It’s (sometimes) pink. ;)  It never contains HFCS.


We don’t have this custom flavored yogurt all the time, but it’s nice to be able to “spoil” my kids so easily… without having to adjust my shopping habits.


What’s your family’s favorite kind of yogurt?


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16 comments to Flavored Yogurt

  • This is exactly what I do! My kids love it.

  • earleyml

    I’ve tried the plain stuff and it’s just not for us. Even my daughter won’t eat it with fruit added, so I’ve been getting the vanilla. We both like that with some kind of cereal added to it.

    • I think if you’re eating it by itself, plain yogurt can be a difficult acquired taste– I almost never eat it that way and (truth be told) prefer the sweetened stuff too. I used to get one big tub of plain and one vanilla, but I always blew through the plain so much faster that I took to buying 2 plain. It’s been so long now that I don’t really miss the vanilla, but I have to admit that I do like the stuff! :)

  • Fun! Only my three younger ones can be coerced, er, tricked into eating plain. I ruined the three older ones. For the younger ones, I offer maple syrup (real) and honey, or “frow-up” as FC2 calls it. (One of the bigger boys told her that honey was bee’s throw-up so now that’s what she calls it. Thor might get a kick outta that one. ;)

  • I love doing this – have you made yogurt in a picnic cooler? So so simple – and you can make a gallon at a time.
    another fermented fav: http://bit.ly/9SxKcY

  • Jennifer

    We do that too! Strawberry jam or applesauce. Greek yogurt with applesauce is my 2 year old’s favorite breakfast.

  • I bought plain and added fruit. Gus (my voracious eater) would not let it into his mouth. I finally tasted it and realized why. WAY too tart for us! Blech! But sweetened yogurt has as much sugar as a candy bar and really I’d much rather eat a candy bar with a glass of milk. Or just get all my dairy in the form of cheese, glorious cheese!! So..no yogurt here.

    • I make the “reduced sugar” version of homemade jam, so I don’t feel too bad about putting a little bit in the yogurt. It really does cut the tartness quite a bit… at least for us. :) But I’m TOTALLY with you on cheese being my “dairy of choice”!

  • I made yogurt in my crockpot once (tons of recipes all over the internet), and it turned out much less tart than storebought plain. That’s the only way I can eat plain besides in a smoothie–I put homemade granola and a peach in it, and it was delish! So if you don’t like the tartness of storebought, try homemade. I love your jam idea in the blender, too! Will definitely try that :)

    • This is how I plan to try it, too, once I get myself motivated! ;) I don’t mind the tartness of store-bought, but I’d love to try my hand at it. Mmm… granola and peach sounds scrumptious!

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