A Dose of Truth

{Shhh… I want to tell you something.}



Oh… why am I whispering?  Well, because I want to share some dirty little secrets with you.  And I’m a little scared to go shouting them around the blogosphere.


But here goes.  Here’s what (I think) I’ve learned from 35 years on this planet…


There’s no one way to eat right.  You can eat “real food.”  You can eat “light food.”  You can be a vegetarian or you can cling to your red meat.  You can do any number of things and, gasp, still be healthy.


There’s no one way to educate properly.  You can choose public school.  You can homeschool.  You can find a Christian school.  Or another private school.  You can do a combo or vary with the seasons of your life.   If the reason you choose it is because it makes you feel superior well, then, I would say your motives are off… but you can and should have the right to choose.


There’s no one correct way to discipline.  A swat on the booty or a stint in time out.  Mellow, murmured threats or sharp commands.  There simply doesn’t exist a magical formula and choosing one or the other needn’t make you “cruel” or “permissive”.  The masses are not defined by the extremes…


There’s no one right way to manage a home.  List upon list and a firm cleaning schedule?  Piles of clutter and dough smudges on the fridge?  The order of your home is not a reflection of your heart or worth.


There’s no one right way to menu plan.  Twenty-one meals neatly arranged or flying by the seat of your pants… simply put, if it works, it works.


There’s no one right way to manage your weight.  Diet, exercise… so many options.  Your weight does not define your value… if you’re not at a healthy weight, you’re not a failure and there are so many more important things.  If your weight matters to you and you work hard to maintain it, you’re not self-absorbed and shallow.  Lazy.  Obsessed.  Unmotivated.  Image-driven.  All venomous labels.


There’s no one right way to give thanks and praise.  Worship and prayer and adoration can and should vary from person to person, time to time, season to season, and situation to situation.


I’ve learned there’s no one right way to do just about anything…


But there is one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth


And He loves you.  No matter which “right” way you choose…

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5 comments to A Dose of Truth

  • Are you still going outside slathered in coconut oil moisturizer or is this photo old. You look suspiciously sunburned again. the only sun I’ve gotten this year was a weird patchy burn while berry picking because on the rare sunny day we’ve gotten my son declares it too hot to be outside!

  • Amen! I always love when people do what’s right for their family. We all have different ideals and convictions and when we stick to them we are doing the best we can. My great-grandma lived to be 101 and always put salt on everything she ate. My mom used to say that she preserved herself, LOL :P! In all honesty though, I appreciate everyone’s way of life as long as whatever they’re doing isn’t shoved done my throat and making me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Different things work for different people and doesn’t nessecarily mean that it’s “wrong”.

    • How wonderful to know you have a family history of longevity! It is so true that there is far more at play than what we eat/do, etc. I’ve definitely had periods of time where I know I’ve been judgmental and critical… I’m finding a lot of freedom in letting that go! :)

  • Hallelujah! It is so reassuring to know that somewhere sanity still exists!! I’d love to see these truths shouted from the rooftops in every language in every country in every part of the world.

    There is always more than one RIGHT way.

    Reason, logic, and balance forever! Long Live Sanity!!

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