Weekend PSA: Slow Down and Be Careful

That would be my head.


After a collision with a door frame.




Rushing to and fro, trying to get out the door and to swim lessons while making sure dinner prep was done so we wouldn’t be late to karate later, I ducked at the last minute to avoid a dinosaur banner in my doorway.  I lost my balance and… smack.


I am fine, of course.  But it really does hurt.  Worse, it made my vision go black and sent me to my knees… me- the one responsible for three young children.  It scared them to see me on the floor.  My littlest even brought me her much beloved teddy bear in an effort to fix things.  Sweet, but also kinda sad.


Added to that, I’m now getting suspicious glances from people as I go about my business with a big ol’ bruise on my face.  The UPS man (who also attends our church) gave me that narrow-eyed, speculative stare the other day when he delivered my peanut butter.  I certainly look like someone who may have gotten punched in the head.  But, while I appreciate the papa-bear instincts in some of these men, there’s simply no one for them to direct their anger at.  Except, perhaps, ME.


Had I slowed down a bit and been more careful, I actually would have made it out the door sooner.  “Slow and steady wins the race.”  “Haste makes waste.”  “God made time, but man made haste.”  There’s a plethora of wisdom out there.


So, please, try to slow down just a bit.  Be careful.  And don’t forget that thing there on top of your neck… it’s not meant to get knocked into walls. ;)

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